Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Generations: FoC Sideswipe!

01.28.2014 – Sideswipe is one of the original characters from the cartoon series, who boarded the Ark bound or planet Earth. Everyone who grew up watching the classic series would remember the red Lamborghini Countach LP500 S.

In the Fall of Cybertron you’ll see a different Sideswipe when you play the game. He transforms into a native cybertronic red sports car. There’s a lot of back story being told when you play Fall of Cybetron and revealing Sideswipe origins was of them.

In the bio that was described in the packaging he used to race, but keeping with the original characters personality from the cartoons and in the original tech spec bio in the original toy is still the reckless Autobot warrior that he is seen in various media including the comic books.


Just like the other Generations assortment the packaging put the figure in the bubble and back card. In the front you see the figure in robot mode tied with rattan wires and featuring digital art of the character similar to FoC Ultra Magnus.

In keeping consistency you’ll immediately notice under the Generations sub line this is from the Fall of Cybertron video game. At the back of the card reveals not just the character in those product images but also the vehicle mode.


Originally Sideswipe’s body is based from FoC Jazz with entirely new vehicle shell that includes a new head and a weapon. The only accessory that Sideswipe has is the massive “battle cannon” modeled after a Path Blaster from Fall of Cybertron.

The “Path Blaster” features a spinning ratcheting drum and an extendable barrel, which most Deluxe Class figure with a 5mm posts can handle this heavy duty weapon. Most of Sideswipe’s body features a case of faux parts.

Not entirely the same figure from the game as his centers of his feet are fake wheels (attached to the legs via ratchet joints) that are hidden in the rear section of his vehicle mode, while his real vehicle mode wheels end up on his forearms and on the sides of his chest (partially obscured by panels).

Sideswipe’s head doesn’t have blue eyes as what was presented in the product photo prior to its release. Those you see are empty dark gray/black eyes like staring into nothing unlike the original vintage Sideswipe that was reissued in 2003 by TakaraTomy or the Japanese release version for Fall of Cybertron.

VEHICLE MODE The Cybertronian vehicles don’t appear like it came from an alien world, but rather appears to be futuristic without the windows of a convention Earth car. Predominantly red with white stripping that appears to be a little dull compared to the TakaraTomy version.

You can see the difference of the Earth vehicles versus the Cybetronian car that he was presented in the video game. Sideswipe can also carry the Path Blaster in vehicle mode that was not mentioned in the instruction manual.

The blaster can mount at an angle onto his vehicle rear, with the back of the blaster sliding into the spoiler. But it will be angled to that kind of setup which is static not having it pointing the enemy downward. You can also attach it on both sides, but it would look good if it can adjust to pointing it at a certain level.


The Path Blaster can be used by other figures that have 5mm post hands and WFC Optimus Prime and FoC Ultra Magnus look good using the weapon. Unfortunately THIS IS Sideswipe’s only accessory that he can use for battle unlike the TakaraTomy release that included FoC Jazz’s weapon.

Overall appeal Sideswipe looks better using this body compared to FoC Jazz, and it makes sense that this Autobot having a reckless attitude can wield a massive weapon lie the Path Blaster which is bigger than him.

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