Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toy Review: War for Cyberton Optimus Prime!

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Released Month. June 2010
Sub-line. War For Cybertron
Allegiance - Autobot
Alt-mode - Cybertonian Armored Truck
Size. Deluxe

- A  toy review by Eman B.Zubia

Still a lot of buzz out there about the latest lines of TF generation deluxe.So let’s start with this: TF Generation Cybertronian Optimus Prime.Well basically(the design/s) it was base on the latest TF game “War For Cybertron”. So here are my list of personal reviews/opinions about it.

Robot Mode. G1 style is still there and I’m really glad they did that(again).Very much detailed. If you will notice, the two ear/antenna is a little bit long now. Am I the only seeing a movie like head here? I supposed a taller illusion maybe. Gundam head? Naaah! Complex looks? Indeed. Posability seems good, even if the codpiece in his legs limits it. Besides from the gun/rifle accessories; where the heck is the giant axe? C’mon! From the recent ”TF War For Cybertron” game OP has an axe. So if you happen to have a deluxe animated OP, you can use that.

Alt Mode/ Cybertronian Truck Mode. An armored type here. Bulky. And correct me if I’m wrong; does anyone remember the bat mobile/car in the batman animated series back in the late 90s? but yet again we know the purpose for being so armored type.

Transformation(in truck mode). A little bit tricky again here if you don’t open that manual.The shoulders tend to hang in transformation. A lot twisting here I tell you. But one can really can along with it. Also if you notice his kneepads, it actually flips.don’t forget that part ‘coz the manual doesn’t say anything about it. It acts like a cover or a bumper at the backend of the truck. Just flip it up.

I just can’t stop comparing it to the War Within style.
But all in all, 8 out of 10 energons for me for this baby.

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