Wednesday, February 19, 2020

TF Sightings | SM MoA TK & TKExpress

Sometimes the best places to find the Transformers figure that you missed are the location that had enough foot traffic and it is off the radar namely before going south bound. In case you’re in the hunt for the latest wave from Siege and Cyberverse maybe it must be the right timing for you to find it at Toy Kingdom in SM MoA.

There are only two stores in SM Mall of Asia and that’s in Toy Kingdom and TK Express inside The SM Store (Department Store). Rarely, there is something worth the trip to this place unless they have restocked the latest Transformers from War For Cybertron and the animated series in Cyberverse which was sighted today!

Monday, February 17, 2020

TF Sightings | Virra Mall & Galleria

02.17.2020 – If you’re Manila-based toy collector chances are you already are familiar with the places around the metro. The usual places people frequent are the most accessible part of Greenhills, which is the mecca for anything that collector’s from other countries want to make the trip.

But sometimes the retail stores nearby are sometimes overlooked for new Transformers toys by Hasbro that are distributed by Playkit Inc, which recently had brought the War For Cybretron: Siege Wave 4 Deluxe Class assortment that some thought that was exclusive only to some parts of Southeast Asia and Australasia.

Friday, February 14, 2020

TF Sightings | TRU Greenbelt 5

02.14.2020 – At the height of the news that War For Cybertron: Siege Wave 4 Deluxe Class assortment has finally started to appear in Philippine retail in the past few days through group forums that was supposed to be available in the final quarter of 2019, but turns out what arrived was the final wave assortment.

The final wave assortment would turn out to be Crosshairs and Spinister. Eventually, Wave 4 started appearing in Australian and Malaysian retail. But that changed as sighting reports dated on 11 February 2020 that local Toys R’ Us stores have them already. But as of this sighting report they are slowly disappearing.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

TF Sightings | Babes Children's World

01.26.2020 – In case you haven’t been to Babes Children’s World, a specialty toy store which is located in the second level of Virra Mall in Greenhills has been around importing and also selling toys from local distributors in the Philippines. The last time sighting reports on what they have in stock was almost eight months ago.

This time just a quick look at the store’s available assortments from the Transformers brand at the same time a sneak peek of their other products that you may find here. Interesting enough as an alternative for those who can’t find the character or toy that they can’t get at local retail is the second or third best thing to make a visit.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

War For Cybertron: Siege | Spinister

12.28.2019 – There have been notable characters presented in the War For Cybertron: Siege and then there are those gems that made the mythology interesting. Not all character appeared in the G1 cartoon series, but there are popular ones that had a tremendous spotlight in the comicbooks that defined who they are in the narrative.

Spinister, a Double Targetmaster is one of them and with spinning sinister name you bet there a mystery behind the character more than meets the eye. There have been several iterations of Spinister and toy form, but none captures the character based from its original G1 toy and how he was defined in the graphic novels.

Friday, December 20, 2019

TF Sightings | TK Lucky Chinatown Mall

12.20.2019 – The festive season is almost here but for some who can’t find any new stuff on retail chances are there’s a ‘hole in the wall’ kind of store that has never been visited or have seen if there is a gem that you’re looking for. But then again with the horrid Manila traffic turning up to eleven there’s not enough time to get from A to B.

However, there are intrepid individuals out there that have been kind enough to make the trip by two wheels or on foot to get to that place. Of course, that place is Toy Kingdom’s Lucky Chinatown branch, which is located at the heart of Binondo that is rarely a location you’ll find the ones you are looking for namely Transformers toys!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Power of the Primes | Dinobot Slug

12.11.2019 – Power of the Primes may be the last of the Prime Wars Trilogy and it gave something fans has been hoping for since Hasbro introduced their Generations range of figure assortment recreating what could be the modern G1 beyond the CHUG (Classics, Henkei, Universe, and Generations) toyline.

The Dinobots were the major favorites in this last part of the Prime Wars Trilogy and Hasbro delivered in bringing out the all-time favorites to the point that retail was sold out only a few were leftovers in the pegs as clearance before WFC: Siege was released months later. Dinobot Slug is no exception featured in this spotlight!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

AoE Evolution 2-Pack | "1984" Grimlock

12.04.2019 – Grimlock is one of the favorite characters in the Transformers brand that has transcended and reincarnated in various forms of the succeeding series. The Dinobot Commander is so popular that there’s a plethora of merchandise based on the character alone ranging from action figures to even a Happy Meal toys.

There have been better designed reiterations of Grimlock that’s from the Masterpiece range and recently with Generations as part of the ‘Power of the Primes.’ Almost five years ago there was also a revival of sorts with celebrating the ‘Thrilling 30’ from the brand it produced the Evolution 2-Packs and one of these three is Grimlock!