Wednesday, May 29, 2019

TF Sightings | Babes Children's World

05.29.2019 – In Metro Manila there have so many options for collectors to acquire their coveted toys ranging from diecast cars to high end actions figures. Local retail is fairly standard default option for anything that appears in every toy shelf in the country. But sometimes it’s quite a challenge if the one you looking for is sold out.

There are A LOT of specialty shops out there that offer the same toys, but sometimes the price is not about right. You’d be surprised that some of the toys that already disappeared in toy shelves end up in those stores, but not Babes Children’s World.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

TF Sightings | Search for LG-25 Hot Rod

05.28.2019 – There was an unexpected sighting yesterday at Toy Kingdom’s flagship store in SM Megamall. The toys that were sighted are Evolution Nemesis Prime (Amazon Exclusive), Transformers Legends Hot Rodimus, and Bumblebee Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage that were available in the store.

In the three mentioned the most sought after is the Transformers Legends LG-25, which Takara Tomy version of Titans Masters Autobot Hot Rod that was only available in selected markets outside Japan until it became available locally.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Power of the Primes | Quintus Prime with Bludgeon

05.23.2019 – Power of the Primes has an interesting play feature that connects the brand’s previous toyline and its present interest for the expansion of the modern reinterpretation for the Generations overall range of figures and assortment.

The Titans Return might be the modern Headmasters for this toyline.

The Prime Masters could probably a combination of concepts that collaborative with an “engine” concept of the Power Masters and Pretenders themes to complete the Prime Wars Trilogy with the idea of how they address the thirteen Primes story.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

War For Cybertron: Siege | Sideswipe

01.22.2019 – The New Transformers toys from Hasbro and Takara Tomy introducing Siege as the first series of “War for Cybertron Trilogy”, a subline imprint not to be confused with the videogame with the same title takes place during “The Great War” prior to their escape to Earth.

It was first announced during the San Diego Comicon in 2018 introducing the First Wave assortment of characters that include Sideswipe as part of Deluxe Class. Sideswipe, of course has been an iconic character in the TF mythology that doesn’t need any introduction, but for new fans here’s a look at this Autobot!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Movie Review | Bumblebee Movie

01.08.2019 – Bumblebee is the first character to be featured in a solo movie, which is considered a spotlight on the character. In the comic books, IDW Publishing produced one-shot stories featuring well-known TF characters and Hasbro takes inspiration to that concept in bringing it to their film series with a soft reboot to the franchise.

The timeline is set in 1987 going back to an era of pop culture nostalgia for Transformers fans out there. Hasbro goes small with the sixth iteration of the Transformers films with renewed direction focusing on one character namely Bumblebee.

Monday, January 7, 2019

News Round Up | Bee Movie & Siege Sightings

01.07.2019 – Wrapping up the weekend Transformers was the highlight due to the special Philippine screening of Bumblebee Movie by UIP/Columbia Pictures with special invites to media after a long delayed wait due to the annual Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) that prohibited foreign films from being shown for the month of December 2018.

The other bit of new3s may be minor but the first installment for War For Cybertron: SIEGE officially available at Toy Kingdom with some of the new wave of Cyberverse assortment started appearing local retail particularly at Toy Kingdom Express satellite stores inside The SM Store toy section.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

TK New Release | Transformers Siege

12.30.2018 – Transformers Siege: the War for Cybertron Trilogy has dropped at Toy Kingdom flagship store in SM Megamall yesterday during their “Distribution Day.”

The first wave had made it to Philippine retail market for its pre-release since they opened their stores early in the day.

There were a lot of collectors looking for this first wave from this new trilogy that is unrelated to the videogame from eight years ago. The title “War For Cybertron” has been used before which was organically based from Activisions videogame set during the civil war in Cybertron, but this toyline is different…

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Go-Bots #1 | Renegade Ascension

12.29.2018 – Tom Scioli’s vision of Go-Bots gives a fresh perspective of the characters that was popularized in the Hanna-Barbera produced animated series.

Most of the toys by Tonka were largely popular not due to the cartoons. But being affordable than the more popular Transformers brand by Hasbro and how they marketed the property.

The Go-Bots became relevant again due to the cult following as a ‘poor man’s Transformers’ and the in-joke that followed.

The toys only got support from the Saturday Morning cartoon series, but there were no other media aside from storybooks and no comicbook series produced around the property’s popularity.

But with Tom Scioli’s capable hands being the artist behind Transformers VS G.I.Joe takes the veritable Go-Bots property and gives older fans and new readers a new look at the iconic characters that once rivaled the Transformers brand.

With that, the Go-Bots has enough room to give long-time fans their origins to be told in this limited series that is getting some interesting fan reactions.