Friday, December 25, 2015

Beast Megatron's Christmas Greeting!

12.25.2015 – If you’ve been a long time Transformers fan chances are you’ve seen every iteration of the franchise since 1984, which includes the Beast Wars era. If you’ve skip that and you’ll never know what really is to be a TransFan.

This Christmas the fans who have seen the entire run of Beast Wars would probably appreciate David Kaye’s gesture a greeting card to every Transformers fan all over the world as the spark behind Beast Megatron’s voice. Ah… Yes.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Transformers #42: Now and On Earth.

08.14.2015 –How to you deal with losing your most trusted ally? They say you can’t stop change and personal experiences that made them. In Optimus Prime’s case it plays more than just a leader and his lieutenant.

What makes John Barber’s stories about how the Transformers characters being portrayed is no longer about just enjoying a good read. The content is basically aimed at older Transformers Fans, the ones who grew up seeing the series when it started more than thirty years ago and it reflects more how reality played out if this happened in a real world, but its not and they are portrayed by robots with human elements.

This issue will make you think about loyalties and moralities that define why the brand has continued to endure this long. IDW certainly has surpassed the previous publishers who originally had a hand telling stories about alien robots that could change into Earth vehicles and other things.

The epilogue for “Combiner Wars” for this issue carries a lot of weight and more thought defining narratives from Cybertron to Earth how the conflict is no longer about factions its more about conversations somewhat aching to human politics that mirrors what we have seen and this is all good stuff.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy Meal Spotlight: TF RiD Clampdown!

08.12.2015 – The latest Transformers series right now is Robots in Disguise not to be mistaken for the 2001 series of the same name, which was originally titled ‘Car Robots’ in Japan. This new series is mostly targeted for the younger audience.

For the reason why the latest Happy Meal in the Philippines features Transformers Robots in Disguise, which was also released in the US earlier this year. If anyone who hasn’t seen the show here’s one Decepticon you should know he’s Clampdown!

Monday, August 10, 2015

First Look: TF Legends Ultra Magnus!

08.10.2015 – The Combiner Wars certainly giving fans the interest in catching up with the toy versions of the characters featured in IDW’s comic book series. Under this theme they also released Ultra Magnus, which was produced by Hasbro.

In another part of the world in Japan TF Yuki who is active on micro blogging site Twitter continues to surprise fans all over the world.

A few hours earlier he just revealed Takara Tomy’s version of Ultra Magnus under Transformers Legends!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

TF Spotlight: Animated Prowl!

08.06.2015 – “Transformers: Animated” is considered one of the well-known franchise for the Transformers Brand to produced innovative action figures based from the aesthetics of the cartoon.

It’s also remarkable how this is challenging for Takara Tomy engineers to translate the designs done by Cartoon Network and Hasbro in toy form. This is one of those toylines that defined how Hasbro is making toys moving forward and at the same time had a short lived animated series.

The toyline’s gimmick is simply the transformation and its highly articulated figures just like Prowl

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Windblade #3: Defender of all Sentient Beings!

08.05.2015 – "Combiner Wars" conclusion gives you a surprise and the explanation why the Voyager Class Optimus Prime has the ability to combine. If you missed that last issue this gives you that idea how the toyline is aligned with the IDW published comic books and how the narrative plays out.

Previously Prowl and Constructicons went on a rampage to destroy the space bridge that links to Cybreton and Caminus in stopping Starscream to expand his empire.

This only was prevented by Superion and the recently Enigma of Combination exposed Protectobots immediately forming Defensor. This was one of the visions Mirage and Ironhide shared that has been haunting them.

The conflict started with Swindle bringing in the Stunticons’ combined form in Menasor who was let loose once again to wreck havoc on Caminus, which brings us to this last part where Optimus Prime, Sunstreaker, Prowl, Ironhide and Mirage where also exposed to combine together in stopping a new improved Devastator.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Transformers #41: You, Me, & The Universe.

08.02.2015 – The “Combiner Wars” continue to “Transformers #41”, where Windblade #2 (2015) left off with fairly enough damage made by Prowl and his Constructicons seemed like an after thought. But actually it’s not as this builds ups into a bigger war brewing and things are just making a little pause for now.

After Devastator’s rampage has been stopped by Defensor and Superion in Caminus the Cybertronians assist the first colony in repairing the damage done to its city. In the opening pages Prowl is in custody of Optimus Prime badly beaten while the rest of the Constructicons are being held in the Secret Prison managed by Rattrap.

Prime and Prowl discuss about their sides regarding Starscream’s plans to expand his empire to the other thirteen colonies beginning with Caminus, which gives weight to the conflict between two former friends.

Prowl argues with Prime that the system in place is not enough control what Starcream is trying to do. He claims sooner or later someone or somebody will be in-charge of Cybertron and will have control of the thirteen colonies for the reason that made such noise.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Transformers Animated: Transform & Roll Out!

08.01.2015 – “Transform & Roll Out” is broken down to three episodes, where the characters from “Transformers: The Animated” is introduced.

The setting takes place in the alternate future of G1 cartoon, where the so called “Great War” was over.

Transformers: Animated had an impression for old fans and younger ones who have seen the live action film the year before, but doesn’t have any continuity other than some design elements where inspired to put this series together which aired in 2008.'