Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Generations: FoC Ultra Magnus!

12.26.2012 – Ultra Magnus has become an iconic character in the cartoons, comics and event videogames. Speaking of the Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus he’s not actually a playable character in the campaign.

He is only available in multiplayer if the Havoc DLC (Downloadable Content) pack is downloaded for $10.00 USD.

The action figure is released in the third wave of the 2012 Generations in Deluxe Class assortment with Sideswipe, Starscream, Air Raid, and Kickback. Ultra Magnus is a redeco/retool of FoC Optimus Prime.!

Prior to its release images revealed online made the character looks mighty interesting which makes the mould better used for this figure. FoC Optimus Prime looks under scaled when it first came out compared to the WFC (War for Cybertron) Optimus Prime.

The latest wave of Generations featured prominent characters from the Fall of Cybertron videogame released for the X Box 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s basically aligned to the timeline of the current TV series Transformers Prime still currently being aired on The Hub network in North America. Based on the Ultra Magnus character from Transformers Prime and that from FoC looks

Generations has remained the name of the toy line which all the characters from the modern G1 and Fall of Cybertron videogame is released. This precedes Universe 2.0 that produced modern G1 characters from 2008 to 2010.

The current theme for the packaging has changed a combination of grid lines but not in singular color like red or purple.

The artwork appears like it’s based from the game due to its texture but the actual appearance of Ultra Magnus is different if you have seen the images that Activision has released as well as screen captures of the game. Out of the bubble as usual the inner tray has the figure all wired up with the soft strings.

Ultra Magnus doesn’t look like FoC Optimus Prime after having the head replaced and having fresh colors of blue, white, red, black, and silver. The robot mode appears skinny but is fully articulated figure having ball joints on its shoulders, thighs and feet though a bit flimsy. It can perform a “high kick” pose just with the right position.

He comes with the standard rifle that FoC Optimus Prime has but what made Ultra Magnus a bit more interesting is his extra weapon. The sword features 5mm posts for its handle same with the rifle and on its side. It’s actually modeled after the blade used by Optimus at the end of Fall of Cybertron.

The sword is made up of three pieces in which can combine with the blaster to form an even bigger sword. The two blade halves clipping into the slots present on the blaster's body and the handle being pegged onto the blaster's handle.

It’s freaking scary to see the combined rifle and sword which appears more menacing than the huge hammer that the TFA Ultra Magnus or the one that’s being used by the TF Prime Ultra Magnus released in the US. Don’t bother getting the Arms Micron version as the mini-con that transforms into Ultra Magnus’ hammer in the Japanese release looks quaint.

The instruction to combine the weapon does not appear in the manual and you have to research it online to find out how.

Ultra Magnus features numerous 5mm ports for storage and mounting of both weapons. This includes his hands, arms, robot back, smokestacks, the sides of his legs/truck rear, and the soles of his feet which end up on top of the truck rear in vehicle mode.

Transforming Ultra Magnus in vehicle mode is not as difficult as WfC Optimus Prime which has 26 steps and it only requires you to do it in 14 steps.

The vehicle mode looks sturdy and menacing but if you put him side by side with the other iterations of Ultra Magnus he appears diminutive which his vehicle form is not exactly in the game but good enough for freewheeling in any flat surface.

Overall between FoC Optimus get Ultra Magnus instead though he’s not the short pack in a case assortment there’s plenty more for everyone. Rarely will you see Ultra Magnus released not a repaint of Optimus Prime in white but this one definitely is greatly improved which earns this figure a perfect FIVE robot points.

Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus is released under the Deluxe Class wave 3 assortments under the 2012 Generations toy line and it’s retailed at PhP 699.75 pesos locally distributed by Playkit Philippines Inc.

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