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Micromasters: Rescue Patrol!

01.26.2014 – Micromasters is what everyone would identify as the classic version of the Minicons that appeared on Transformers Armada / Micron Densetsu. The difference with the Minicons is that they have ports to activate the gimmicks of larger Transformers in the Armada /Micron Densetsu series.

The Micromasters are smaller fuel-efficient Transformers turning into tiny cars, planes and other vehicles. Mostly Micromasters are roughly scaled human-sized in robot mode as depicted in most continuity.

The Rescue Patrol was part of the first wave of Micromasters released in 1989 and 1990 due to the growing popularity of Galoob’s Micro Machines.

They are packed as groups of four or three Micromasters. There are also other versions of Micromasters that combined into a bigger robot or designated as Patrols, Squads, Transports, Stations or Bases.

In Japan the Rescue Patrol is known as “The Rescue Patrol Team” in Transformers Zone OVA with a different leader. But they are identical with Takara’s release but for the Japan release the Rescue Patrol Team is packed with the Rocketbase together with another Micromaster known as Moonradar.

The Rescue Patrol consists of four rescue vehicles led by Fixit (Pīpō), Red Hot (Fire), Seawatch (Boater), and Stakeout (Holi).

Among the four members Stakeout is predominantly a regular character in Japan’s Transformers Victory series as Holi, the guardian of the human boy named Jean Minakaze. All four made appearance in the first episode of the series.


The Rescue Patrol transforms into four rescue vehicles and they are an Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police Car, and a Brue Hydrofoil. There’s something interesting about rescue vehicles, but none of them are not detailed enough to find out which kind of ambulance, fire truck, police car or a boat they scanned to take that form.


The colors are gang modeled from Stakeout with predominantly blue and dark gray colors. Seawatch turns into a Hydrofoil of some sort as a rescue vehicle for the open sea and you can see underneath that there are rolling wheels molded to hi altmode.


Every rescue vehicle has a fire truck and Red Hot is that Micromaster who puts out the fire. Slightly bigger than the three he has a working long ladder that extends. Red Hot definitely lives up to his name but in Japan he is known only Fire, which is pretty much lame don’t you think?


The leader of the group transforms in to an unnamed Ambulance with streaks of red stripes and the word “Ambulance” with blue windows and light bar painted in the solid white plastic body.


Police cars are recognizable which first responds when there’s a crime or escorting other rescue vehicles and that’s how Stakeout rolls in this form. Transforming into a black Ford Taurus is one of the interesting characters in the Rescue Patrol.


The Rescue Patrol and other Micromasters had simple transformation, which also gives them limited pose ability having basic articulation. Due to their diminutive size they don’t have head joints but details of their robot mode are more than meets the eye.


In robot mode, Seawatch is the opposite of Stakeout when it comes to colors. His mouth plate is colored in red with little details of his eyes. He appears to wear Superman underpants that match his face.


When transformed into robot mode is predominantly white with blue accents as having arms and legs in red. He appears to be more of the muscle in the team and the way his body structure in robot mode says it all.


Underneath that white ambulance there’s a predominant red in Fixit’s main body while his face is painted blue just like the window and the light bar in his vehicle mode. The details show how worn this vintage figure.


In the Transformers Victory cartoon in Japan Stakeout aka Holi in the series had a different color. It is depicted having also a different personality opposite with the Hasbro released version. Among the four members of the Rescue Patrol, Stakeout is better looking in robot mode with those sculpted details.


The Rescue Patrol won’t be known as this squad if one is missing all four Micromasters is a great set from its original release. Though not as popular as their big brothers these pint-size Autobots has carved an identity on their own.

Overall a great set of Micromasters that was released as part of the first wave in 1989. These little heroes was found in Australia battered and a little worn out from play wear, but still a classic vintage piece that should get reissued someday to populate the current Transformer that turns in to a city.

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