Friday, May 3, 2013

Sightings: Generations 30th Anniversary Releases!

05.03.2013 – In the last two days the new Generations toys celebrating 30 years of Transformers has started to appear on retail stores like Toys r’ Us and Toy Kingdom in Metro Manila. The new Generations that were sighted is the Voyager Calss assortment in Blitzwing and Springer which was launched over the weekend through distribution release by Playkit.

There were also Generations in Legends Class scale in Optimus Prime and Bumblebee having companions in Roller and Blaze Master going for PhP 700.00 pesos. Though the price is not entirely justifiable they seem to fit to the upcoming Metroplex in September.

There are other assortments that catered to the younger generation that Transformers “kiddie-fied” in appearance as well as oversized Transformers Prime non-transforming figures of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee is sighted.

But Blitzwing and Springer (retailed at PhP 1,500.00 pesos) is this week’s headlines to collectors anticipating its release since it was firs revealed during the Toy Fair in New York which revealed by Hasbro’s ace to Mattel’s Castle Grayskull which turned out to be the famed Autobot City.


  1. Where to find the Transformers Generations Springer and Sandstorm in Metro Manila will it be available this year