Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TF United Metroplex Teaser Images!

05.01.2013 – Metroplex the last line of defense by the Autobots has become popular nowadays when Hasbro announced that they will be producing a new version of the character that would surpass even the iconic Fortress Maximus.

Indeed they deliver when they reveal photos of the gigantic Autobot City based from the Fall of Cybertron videogame standing more than two feet tall and possibly will take Fort Max’s place as the biggest Transformers ever to stand at your display.

Japanese toy designer TFYuki has been consistently sharing on his Twitter some never before images of upcoming Transformers toys in their region. Sometimes comparing them to the US releases or in their language Overseas Editions and in the past weeks he has slowly gave a teaser about Metroplex and earlier today some are very excited for its release by September 2013.

TFYuki even have Metroplex from the original vintage release versus the new version which really dwarfs in comparison. The sheer size of the new version will have multiple finger joints besides that he’s been trolling the Encore 23 Edition of Fortress Maximus.

So far Metroplex is taking giagantic robots to new heights with teaser images that fans are awaiting for its release. The Japanese version will have slight difference from Hasbro’s release as they are going to base its colors from the original Metroplex with metallic paint and all this bot will certainly stand out literally at all your Transformers collection once official images gets released.

The images TFYuki shared are production test photos not the actual images but gives sampls on how big Metroplex will be using Blaster and Soundwave’s discs he compares the tires in battle station mode.

Several images will be appearing soon as the figure continue to progress in development as Hasbro haven’t shared any images recently and the last time they have revealed the character was during the Toy Fair in New York in February. The price point for the figure retailed at $150.00 US dollars assuming this is final. But things might change and some shops have begun to set pre-order for Metroplex.

In the Philippines a specialty store like Great Toys have estimated the figure will be sold at PhP 9,000.00 pesos. But details have not been confirmed what is the actual price point.

More news will be posted regarding details in Metroplex exact price point when it arrives in the Philippines for now images from TFYuki will certainly give you more anticipation for the biggest Transformers to celebrate 30 Years!

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