Thursday, May 2, 2013

Michael Bay Explain's Shia's Exit.

05.02.2013 – Last April 20 an article of Filipino entertainment columnist Rueben V. Napales of Daily Inquirer talks to director Michael Bay aside from the upcoming movie “Pain & Gain” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and new Transformers lead actor Mark Wahlberg. Bay reveals why Shia is no longer in the fourth installment had given a long explanation and why he’s taking this as a new one.

“I was going to stop doing ‘Transformers’ after doing three –because it’s hard to make a fourth movie with the same characters said Michael Bay. Added he went to Transformers: The Ride standing in for two and half hours at Universal Studios.

Michael Bay also worked on the ride’s development and he said it’s hard to leave a franchise. He come to realize about these franchises like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy that has Peter Jackson directing the films looks more challenging for Bay to take on the fourth installment of Transformers but as he said “It’s harder, because you have the language figured out, but you’re going to push yourself harder.”

He claims he wants to do more and has reasons why there’s a new cast which was revealed to be in the script. Originally the studio said, “Let’s just do it with another kid.” But Bay said “No” everyone would compare that kid to Shia, “Who is like magic lightning in a bottle. He’s one of a kind!”

“So, what I’m doing on this one is that Mark Wahlberg plays a young dad with a 17-year-old daughter. She has this boyfriend her dad doesn’t know about. It’s a back doorway for how to get kids into this.” But just like Bay’s previous comments about not directing this film refused that it’s going to be his last one.

“You never say never, but four movies is a lot,” he admitted. Bay said it’s easier to do “Pain & Gain just actors acting. These “Transformers” movies involve 2,000 to 3,000 people for two years.”

Indeed. It will take a lot of work in the next Transformers movie as previous reports say there are going to be some major changes in the characters and its definitely going to be a semi-reboot to expand the franchise.

Transformers 4 will be shown in cinemas on July 27, 2014 from Paramount Pictures and will be locally distributed by Solar Entertainment UIP in the Philippines!

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