Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reveal the Shield: Chopsaw!

05.04.2013 – It’s obvious that Chopsaw is a straight repaint/retool of Brimstone which was originally released under the Dark of the Moon toyline.

There was no other difference besides the colors that make them unique to each of their own.

Released under the Reveal the Shield subline for the Generations series making this character exist in the G1 universe.

But there was no other media to support the character’s entire existence in this timeline.

Brimstone did appear in comics but not Chopsaw which left this character entirely unknown. Released under the Scout Class assortment this might be the last time you will see characters in this scale as the new ones look a little bit smaller compared to its previous series.

Chopsaw was released along with the sought after modern G1 representation of Wind Charger which is harder to find nowadays and if you can see one it cost more than the actual price on retail.

But looking closely on Chopsaw gives you “more than meets the eye” as an interesting figure which could be a potential Renegade from GoBots than your run in the mill Decepticon who loves to cut his victims in half with his Saw weapons, which eventually turns into his front tires in Chopper mode.

Packaged in the standard blister card Chopsaw in robot mode looks less of a G1 character since he’s entirely a repaint of Brimstone who happens to be the bike hidden in Mikaela Barn’s garage in Revenge of the Fallen that never saw actual screen time in robot mode.

The robot mode needs go back to the gym to build those muscles in acquiring a bulky and menacing appearance. Truth to be told the head design and transformation scheme is based from Don Figueroa’s Cybertronian concept for Manterror to be used in flashbacks for IDW Publishing’s Beast Wars: The Gathering comic book.

There was one notable exception he has an Earth mode instead of turning into a Cybertronian motorbike which can’t be connected that Brimstone and Manterror is one and the same. But Chopsaw is entirely a different character based in the description at the back of the blister card.

Chopper mode looks like it’s scaled for a Stikfas action figure to ride on it for some groove driving. Chopsaw looks better in vehicle mode than entirely in his ugly mug that says “unpopular” among its Transformers toy collecting community.

But details on his vehicle mode include a kick stand for him to just be static and look cool than in robot mode which entirely look like a Predacon who needs love.

Overall Chopsaw is a fun figure not that he has finger tips that can fold out to avoid cutting on his friends when he wants to shake their hands. Besides that rub sign sticking out on his gas tank he can pass up as one of those bike builds from American Chopper.

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