Thursday, January 3, 2013

TF Encore 12: Metroplex!

01.03.2013 – The Autobot City was the main part of the Transformers: The Movie from 1986 it was THE battleground that witness the death of Optimus Prime set in the year 2005 where Ultra Magnus and the new characters where introduced.

It is an iconic scene that some kids won’t forget and the city everyone has known in the film became a regular setting in the third season known as Metroplex.

The gigantic robot was last line of defense against the Decepticons.

Metroplex was slow mechanical behemoth that stomped his way in the TV show and he was the biggest Transformers in the cartoon but not as big as his actual toy. But for all the marketing campaign during its release it was THE city that catered to your minibots, combiners and a few little creatures that came out during the brand’s popularity.

The toy if you based it to the current assortment was a bit short for a Leader Class but good enough of interactive play having limited articulation ratchet joints was ahead of its time as part of making the figure movable.

Colored entirely in white which is far off from the Autobot City you saw in the animated movie he stands to look more “chubby” than macho compared to his cartoon appearance. But with plenty of gimmicks Metroplex was the precursor to Fortress Maximus. Good enough for a 10 year old to say this was the biggest Transformer any kid he grew up at that time and quite the impressive one until Fort Max took the biggest robot in 1988.

Metroplex transforms into the Autobot City that has a helicopter pad, garage, repair bay and parking lot that catered to Bumblebee and his friends quite contrast to the art painted at the back of box.

When you open the Encore Edition it’s no longer having Styrofoam as a tray but have everything intact down to the sticker label the size bigger than your usual instruction manual for a Deluxe Class action figure. But of course for anyone who grew up applying them it’s really taxing to take sometime to have them all labeled.

In city mode Metroplex has Scamper on patrol one of his assistance while Slammer takes the form of a control tower while Six Gun composed of all of his weapons becomes the gun turret to protect him in this form.

A third mode is a rolling Battle Station where you have Slammer and Scamper as your mini escorts and no Autobot can ride this form but seeing in full weapon seems like your aching to roll over all eight rubber tires to your enemy’s base if you have Trypticon (Sold Separately) in your collection. But then again if you have the original back then this was the most fun toy to have for your small size population of Autobots.

Overall Metroplex is your kind of Autobot City if you can’t afford a Fortress Maximus during that time or even now. In Japan they made his “evil twin brother” in Metrotitan (no exact relation to the later) which catered mostly to the Micromasters in 1990.

Definitely one of the most sought after reissues that came out in 2008 and its worth every buck to own an Autobot City.

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