Wednesday, August 24, 2022

TF Sightings | Legacy DLX W2 & Motormaster

There’s not much new sightings nearby Makati area, but suddenly in some places where not most people thread to visit you find that some of the retail stores gets their new wave of Legacy unnoticed. It’s not that the global market is changing after the pandemic it’s all about market strategy for most stores like Toy Kingdom.

And just that, The Wave 2 Deluxe and Commander Class has subtle appearance in a place, where rarely is an off-grid place. But for those passionate enough they won’t let any stone unturned and this new world is certainly a challenging one to find these on display are most of the times do not make it to the display since TK has already shopping it to their customers on Viber.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

TF Sightings | Megatron H.I.S.S. Tank & Baroness

The new Transformers assortments featuring the Velocitron Spedia 500 brings in also the new wave of Legacy as previously reported. There’s more where that came from, and surely there is no delay this time or short on stocks to fill up the retail isle that has been depleted post-pandemic.

Not all retail stores are carrying all these new assortments, and the local distributor is more strategic with the locations with more foot traffic than just stocking up every branch that’s not getting enough people to pass by, and the term ‘hole in the wall’ seems like a thing of the past if you notice some stores with no new Transformers.

TF Sightings | Velocitron at TRU Glorietta

ust when you thought Transformers Legacy will be the only assortment that would be seen in Philippine retail this popped up unexpectedly at one of the selected Toys R’ Us Stores that still getting new assortments once in a while comparable to the other branches that haven’t seen the light of day.

The Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection was one of those assortments that is only for Walmart Exclusive stores has been on display for the last few couple days, but they’re not as plentiful as most new Transformers toys displayed in the past. They fly off the shelves and rarely get any new stock…

Friday, July 22, 2022

TF Sightings | MicroMachines: Playsets

Micro Machines is one of the popular properties in the 1980s and 1990s, which was originally manufactured by Galoob (now part of Hasbro) has been known to produce micro scale vehicles and playsets and has been popular with its original TV commercial by John Moschitta Jr., who became known as the Micro Machine Man, and also voiced Blurr in the 1986 Transformers Movie.

The toyline has been revived several times throughout the 2000s and a few years back, but popularity sometimes not on every 1980s property until they get mashed together with another popular brand like Transformers.

Monday, April 18, 2022

TF Sightings | Legacy at TRU Glorietta

Transformers Legacy is slowly appearing on Philippine retail as previously reported. There are some of the assortments did not made it to the display due to immediate high demand to particular characters that were part of Wave 1, and there also those that prior to the arrival there have been people keeping an eye on this release.

Finally, Toys R’ Us has gotten their allocation as most countries have started to report their local sightings. The Legacy has arrived and let’s hope plenty more to will make it to the shelves as this latest sighting takes you to the Glorietta branch for TRU, where the ones never seen in the previous report will be updated here…

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

TF Sightings | Legacy at TK Makati

The highly anticipated follow-up to the Generations toyline after Kingdom introduces Legacy, which is a new beginning for the Transformers brand that has been talked about since the later part of 2021. It has already appeared in select markets in Asia, and it has been sighted recently in the Philippines.

Legacy is an entirely new toyline expanding the Generations branding, and also have some carry over from the previous trilogy that has been a ‘shoo-in’ until the brand's new range assortments has been officially released for retail consumer. This was expected to arrive in the local scene since the announcement of the April 2022 street date.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Generations Selects | Hubcap

Transformers are a big franchise not only for its expanded universe spilling over various media from graphic novels and videogames, but also a plethora of characters that rarely gets a spotlight. Some of them are just background characters that in the original G1 animated series are also mistaken error.

But since most of the characters never got screen time in the original cartoon their stories are told in the comicbooks originally published by Marvelm its UK piblication, then by Dreamwave, and now with IDW Publishing. Hubcap is one of these characters are considered deep cut from this expanding TF universe.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

TF Cybertron | Beast Megatron

Megatron is the baddest Cybertronian that others emulate his villainy in the next iteration of the Transformers series. In Beast Wars, there was a new Megatron, though not as brutal as the original this one had personality and idolized him to the point taking the name meant more than just mere influence.

In the last part of the Unicron Trilogy there was also a Megatron, but this one was supposed to be taking the form of a “Beast Wars character” when the Decepticons reached the Jungle Planet.

At that time Hasbro was set to celebrate Beast Wars 10th Anniversary by producing an all-new Beast Megatron, which resulted in this figure that didn't get notice only BW fans would know.