Tuesday, May 14, 2013

VC Generations Sandstorm VTOL Revealed!

05.14.2013 – Thanks to TFPH member Richard Besana who shared an image of Sandstorm’s VTOL mode that was left a mystery in the previous revelation when the figure’s product photo appeared in the Transformers official Facebook page. This was immediately removed then re-posted again official yesterday.

Now it’s shows how heavily Sandstorm was a retool/redeco of Voyager Class Springer that was recently available on retail along with Blitzwing.

Some details about the VTOL mode dates back to the revelation of Generations Metroplex product box with the art during New York Toy Fair.

OTCA (OzFormers Transformers Collectors Australia) posted a discussion last April 21st regarding the difference between the Springer’s copter mode and the VTOL revealed official by Hasbro.

It appears that Sandstorm will be more distinguished from Springer now that the revelation is finally complete.

Hasbro is making everyone rave more to celebrate the “Thrilling 30” years of the brand as they come up with good quality figures compared to 7 years ago when they introduced the Classics line followed by Universe 2.0 and Generations which expands to more characters that are not simply a repaint or a minor redeco.

Sandstorm is set to be released in the next wave but no word yet who he will be paired at since Blitzwing came out with Springer. Surely you won’t need to worry if there was a Decepticon Overcharge that will be released.

Previously when Takara reissued the vintage Blitzwing in “Book Type” packaging they also had an e-Hobby Exclusive Overcharge which was the original Diaclone colors in dark green.

But that’s another story to speculate if Hasbro plans to repaint the existing Voayager Class figure.

For now the anticipation for the modern version of Sandstorm will be released very soon.

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