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Transformers Generations Springer - 30th Anniversary

Presenting the Autobot Springer from the Transformers 30th Anniversary Generations Toy Line.

Springer is not to be confused with the Transformers Generations Springer Asian Exclusive  - though I'm pretty sure that a lot of that will happen. This particular Transformers Generations Springer is the herald of the upcoming 30th year anniversary of the Transformers in 2014 - so do expect to empty your pockets more from now till then.

I've always loved the Green Knight of the Autobot and could never quite understand why Hasbro only released one version (G1) of Springer as a triple changer.  Everything else that followed that simply wasn't up to par. So when I saw that they finally did, I absolutely had to grab him

The next in line a leader of the Autobots and the Wreckers following the death of Rodimus Prime's Blister card reads:

"Autobot Springer was built to be a tough guy (No shit!)  Everything about him from his nickel-plated blaster cannon to his bad-boy attitude, is calculated to communicate exactly what he wants it to - that he's a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners kind of guy. 

He prefers to fight alone, trusting his skills and luck to get him out of tight spots, rather than relying on his fellow warriors. After all, other Autobots fail. Autobot Springer never does."

 While I like the romanticized loner bad-boy that they make him out to be, I do believe it does Transformers Generations Springer a disservice not to mention his leadership skills.

The blister card places Springers statistics as follows:

  • Strength - 10 Whoa! That was unexpected!
  • Intelligence - 8
  • Speed - 8
  • Endurance - 9
  • Rank - 7 - Strange for someone who's almost next in line.
  • Courage - 8
  • Fireblast - 7 - Awwwww. I expected more
  • Skill - 7 - Again I expected more. 

What's to like about the 30th Anniversary Generations Springer?

To be perfectly honest I was expecting to find a stiff figure with very poor articulation what having sacrificed the ability to move for the ability to transform into three vehicles.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this was not the case. Transformers Generations Springer is one of the most poseable figures that I've had the pleasure of playing with in quite a while. In fact posing Springer is almost like posing a Marvel Legends or GI Joe figure - especially with his ability to twist his torso.

Transformers Generations Springer comes with everything you see above, a Sword, and a twin-barrelled blaster cannon with push-mounted missiles. Springer doesn't have to use both at any point in time. When not in use, either the blaster cannon or the sword can be mounted on his back:

If you "dislocate" his chest-piece, Transformers Generations Springer can actually grasp his sword or blaster from behind:

While I personally think Transformers Generations Springer looks great without weapons:

And you can actually attach both Springer's blaster cannon and sword to create a really wicked looking weapon:

Transformers Generations Springer really shines with his sword:

And if you look close enough, you start to see a possible mount for the Autobot Matrix of Leadership (If you follow that Rodiumus Prime named him next in line in the event of his deactivation):

Transformers Generations Springer's sword splits to become a rotor for his helicopter mode, or stores neatly on his underside in armored car mode. The double-barreled cannon can also be mounted in either mode:

Here's Springer's car mode:

What's NOT to like about the 30th Anniversary Generations Springer?

I think the first problem with the Transformers 30th Anniversary Generations Springer is that most people would not have seen the IDW's Last Stand of the Wreckers comic book where this design for Springers originates. It does deviate slightly from the original portrayal of Springer. I'm not 100% sure if this is good or bad, as you can say the same deviation exists in the Transformers Generations incarnations of KupWheeljackWreck-GarWarpathPerceptor, or even Blurr, but for me, personally, there's just something a bit .... off. 

And speaking of KupWheeljackWreck-GarWarpathPerceptor and Blurr, Transformers 30th Anniversary Generations Springer is a Voyager Class Transformer. He's towering! His long torso makes him incompatible with the idea that Deluxe Class Wreck-Gar kicked his ass - unless we see this incarnation of Springer as indeed, his matrix enhanced form, or the next incarnation of Springer (At certain points, he does look like a green Rodimus Prime). 

Speaking of off, have you noticed how it looks like Springer had an accident before shooting for this pictorial? Yes, that right fender is out of place. A lot of things are out of place. This is one of the more frustrating Transformer to transform because nothing locks into place. I'm not sure... scratch that, I'm pretty sure, I know how to transform a Transformer and I know how to read instructions, yet still, he feels "incompletely transformed." And a lot of that is either because of the plastic used - which feels slightly cheap by the way (That fender really is bent), or because of bad pegs. 

Lastly, Springer lacks feet support. He's top heavy and flexible, but note how he's been posed constantly leaning against the wall.

This particular Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary Springer was purchased from Toys R' Us in Galleria here in Manila at a retail price of  PhP 1,499.75 (Roughly US$ 36.58). He's available on Amazon for US$ 44.99 (Roughly PhP 1,844.60 plus shipping).

The Green Knight is worth it.

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