Monday, May 13, 2013

Titan Class Metroplex Additional Images!

05.13.2013 – Its four months away before Titan Class Metroplex reaches retail stores. Previously images from Takara Tomy’s TF Yuki and the images from Hasbro that was reported other has been quite raising some question about the colors and quality of the figure including the actual size.

There were already some disappointments when Takara Tomy revealed to be bringing the figure out with two of Metroplex’s signature rifles while Hasbro is providing only one. But no matter the sheer size of this figure still haunts Fortres Maxmimus owners that it won’t be the biggest Transformers once this comes out.

TFW2005 has posted some more revealing images of the Titan Class Metroplex to celebrate “Thrilling 30” years of the brand.The photos are not photoshopped of the painted prototype.

This also gives us a closer of Scamper that will be included once it becomes available and details also of the box art that was posted a few months ago as shared by will raise some more excitement with this figure. For now the images that posted the TFW2005 forums has enough reasons for you to pre-order ahead!

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