Sunday, May 12, 2013

VC Generations Sandstorm Teaser Images!

05.12.2013 – The Transformers 30th Anniversary Edition toys has finally reached the Philippines and it’s been out for the past two weeks.

Most notable figures in the assortment are the Voyager Class Triple Changes in Blitzwing and Springer.

Previously the Classics line has produced Deluxe Class Astrotrain (2006) and Universe Tankor who used to have an original name as Octane. This leaves Broadside and Sandstorm not having modern versions of their figure…

Well until has reported this breaking news

The official Transformers Facebook page DID posted a sort of teaser image of Sandstorm then moments later they immediately deleted the image. There was no other image besides the familiar buggy and his modernized robot mode.

There was no confirmation IF they did upload an image of his copter mode but based on the image of his vehicle mode it seems Sandstorm is a retool/redeco of Springer as based on the front end of the buggy looks vaguely familiar. This is definitely great news thanks to forum member Vectorshot got the chance to share this image.

Now all you need is Broadside which is the only Autobot Triple Changer left not having a modern G1 version of the character. Let’s hope he’s not Voyager Class as you all remember he transforms into an aircraft carrier and a fighter jet.

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