Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dream Tomica 142: Transformers Bumblebee

03.24.2013 – The Urbana 500 muscle car is a fictional vehicle that was scanned by Bumblebee as his Earth vehicle upon arriving to the planet in the Transformers Prime TV series. It was sort of inspired based from the Chevrolet Camaro that the movie version Bumblebee has adapted in subsequent live action films.

Dream Tomica a special series of pop culture vehicles where they acquired the rights to manufacture its die cast cars has include Transformers Prime to the list as part of the collectible that includes Hello Kitty, Pokemon, and Batman to name a few.

This special series from Tomica is a sub line of die cast cars that is a little bit expensive compared to its standard releases. Bumblebee is paired with Optimus Prime (to be released soon) and both does not transform as everyone would expect.

These are the pop culture vehicles that are coming out as special edition under the Dream Tomica series that also include characters from the videogame MarioKart 7 featuring Mario and Yoshi.

The Urbana 500 takes inspiration from Bumblebee’s Earth form vehicle with racing stripes and exposed engine block. It’s a fictional car in the world of Transformers Prime that reminds you of the movie version’s Camaro that had subsequent changes in the film as Chevrolet had come out newer models of the car.

But the Urbana 500 is not only inspired from the Chevy Camaro but other cars that made this a unique form the Autobot would take form in the TV series.

There were a lot of Tomica cars released based from the movie version and this is the latest one to come out that was inspired from the TV series. The images from the catalog that came with the Batmobiles shows that Optimus Prime’s truck would look off-scale beside the Urbana 500 as the series of Dream Tomica streamline to one particular size of die cast cars.

But Optimus Prime won’t be out until sometime in late April or early May 2013. For now comparisons with other Tomica cars as well as Hasbro’s RPM shows that Bumblebee’s Urbana 500 really stands out if you looked closely how the Japanese put quality in these collectibles.

Dream Tomica's Transformers Bumblebee with the designated number #142 is manufactured by Takara Tomy and locally distributed by Ban Kee Toys with the a retail price of PhP 299.75 pesos.

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