Monday, April 1, 2013

MRX-00L: Stealth Robo Hyper Mode!

04.01.2013 – Hasbro has acquired the GoBots name as wells its rights to appearance and characters. The toy line was previously owned by Tonka which produces large scale die cast toys preferably construction themed vehicles.

The GoBots toys where based from Bandai’s Machine Robo series which featured the iconic characters with the likes of Leader-1, Cykill, with the rest of the Heroic Guardians and Evil Renegades living in one team battling alien monsters similar to the theme prior to the Diaclone becoming Transformers that everyone knew which made history.

The GoBots however along with Tonka was acquired by Hasbro for the reason Bandai can’t reissue the original characters in the recent Machine Robo Rescue series.

What makes the Machine Robo Rescue characters interesting is some of them are from the original MR toy line having modern versions. Bandai has worked around avoiding having license issues with Hasbro for the reason Fitor became the main hero in the current iteration of the Machine Robo series.

Designated MR-00L Stealth Robo was originally a Disaster Team that fought the MRR team and creating havoc in the city. Stealth Robo has a human partner in Jay and comes with four Tank Robos that combined the Hyper Mode.

The Stealth Robo figure just like the MRR characters has very limited articulation in the current modern standard Transformer that had enough joints doing the action pose. The main core robot is Stealth Robo which transforms into a purple experimental stealth fighter and was the prototype for the other characters from the series.

Imagine Stealth Robo an unstable KARR in Knight Rider and Jet Robo/Fitor is the KITT in the animated series that has 53 episodes and two special OVA movies that brought some interest and nostalgia from the old Machine Robo/GoBots era.

This version of Stealth Robot with his Tank Robos are released under the Auldey manufacturer which assuming its Bandai’s company in China. The original Machine Robo Rescue toy line was released in early 2003 which was also heavily promoted and shown on Cartoon Network in the Philippines.

If you look at the MRR concept it gives you the idea that Hasbro had the Power Core Combinders with a core robot with drones. The difference what makes PCC better than MRR is that the drones are different and has interactive play using MiniCons/Microns as weapons by the core robot. But what takes away from the drones of PCC is that they don’t transform unlike the ones from MRR that looks quite interesting.

It was unfortunate that Bandai had to discontinue the series due to a drop of popularity but enough for long time GoBots fans to get renewed interest in bringing back fond memories of the characters that made Transformers a run for their money back in the 1980’s which had a huge cult following.

Recently Jet Robo/Fitor was released in the EM Gokin line of high quality action figures which more like SoC (Soul of Chogokin) which originally was planned to be released under the Real Robot Series. The figure is more like a counterpart to the Masterpiece series by Takara Tomy with more articulation and caters to high end collectors.

The Machine Robo Rescue toy line will still have a cult following even though the TV series is no longer on air and the toys are nowhere to be found in retail. As they hold a link to the original Machine Robo as well as the GoBots that has made appearances in various media in the Transformers Universe. Stealth Robo and his Robo Tanks is one Disaster the Decepticons need to keep the Power Core Combiners at bay.

Armed with an array of weaponry he may look inferior in Transformers standards but make no mistake that MRR Stealth Robo in his Hyper Mode will definitely make a serious run in taking down every PCC as the Tank Robos have enough leverage to run down their drone counterparts since they have robot modes.

Now you only a fan story with great imagination to bring these worlds together. Better than your usual April fool’s joke that there’s no way Stealth Robo exists in the Transformers Universe unless he doesn’t exist in your collection display.

Overall Stealth Robo is a fun foil to your Power Core Combiners now all you need is to look for one locally or through online sellers as the figure is no longer available in retail.

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