Saturday, March 16, 2013

Transformers Regeneration One #88!

03.16.2013 – If you have missed the beginning of Natural Selection storyline then you need to track down Transformers Regeneration One #86. It’s where all began and might give you a warning for those who read the comics that there’s a SPOILER ALERT.

Everything is definitely not going the right way for Grimlock after Scorponok’s arrival things are definitely going down.

While issue #87 has given you some interesting tidbits about Scorponok’s plans for the planet there are several stories at play as well.

If you think Hot Rod was expecting Autobots down the tunnels it won’t be a pretty sight as there are creatures… Familiar ones that appeared previously in the Marvel published issues prior to Unicron’s arrival back in issue #74. But definitely Simon Furman has delivered interesting plots and twists in this issue while maintaining some great visuals of action provided by Andrew Wildman and Stephen Baskerville.

There are casualties and would be victims that get shot and squashed in the process. This is the old school Transformers comic book that everyone grew up reading during the Marvel days and it’s consistent with its current revival.

If the cartoons was too “friendly” having the characters with minor injuries or scratches this one brings some heavy metal mayhem. Andrew Wildman has brought back the interest of reading the stories with great art. The colors of John-Paul Bove have given the comic book some old school “feel” to the rich story Furman has provided.

There are so many things happening in one issue that it never gets you bored when you flip the pages and see the unexpected turn of events. While Cybertron is having a an internal war with the arrival of Scorponok and Grimlock’s treachery back on Earth Galvatron tries to get the Ark powered up as the silent Starscream witness his grand scheme of things.

Nostalgia in this issue kicks in high gear as well as a nod to some stuff that never appeared in the original run like the Golden Disc which everyone knows that started conflict in the Beast Wars TV series.

What makes this comic book being interesting every issue is that its character driven besides the explosions and action. It also delves deeper than you think and if you have become a fan of the brand not because of the toys but how they are presented in various media like the cartoon and especially the comic then you should pick this book.

Transformers Regeneration One brings back a lot of good memories from the old Marvel publication and it’s something worth reading. The characters you’ve known in the old issues have definitely grown up. Take Hot Rod for example who was a total drama king in the original TV series was far better of a character in the comic book.

IDW Publishing is getting credit for bringing the series to their universe and some fans have definitely appreciated its current run. Even though everyone who follows the series knows this won’t last long until it reaches issue #100.

But for now savor each issue and appreciate the reason why you’re a fan and not just into getting collecting the toys. Because the next ones are going to be as shocking as seeing how the 1986 animated movie gave a lot of casualties.

Transformers Regeneration One #88 overall is a fun ride that takes you to interesting twists and character developments that makes the comic book sought after and sold out due to its well written story that is more than meets the eye!

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