Thursday, September 6, 2012

Transformers Universal Studios: (Deluxe Class) EVAC!

09.06.2012 – There are exclusive that elusive and hard to find. The most you can acquire is through in-store only or signing up to a membership. Then you have the exclusive that you can only acquire in one destination like the Universal Studios Singapore at the Resorts World Sentosa.

EVAC is one exclusive that has recently came out that you can only acquire at all Universal Studios theme park. Based on previous reports at Hollywood and now Singapore sightings that EVAC can be acquire in ANY Universal Studios.

We take a closer look what’s the story behind this Autobot Freedom Fighter which is the hero in the ride itself.

This new Autobot recruit exclusively introduced and made for the Transformers theme park ride exists in the live action movie universe being part of the NEST and S7 team who functions as the troop transport for the human freedom fighters. Aside from EVAC there is two other figures previously released in Optimus Prime and Bumblebee now in their exclusive packaging.

We take a closer look at EVAC the latest member of the Nest freedom fighters which was released three months ago that can only be acquired in all Universal Studios theme park.

The character itself is THE RIDE vehicle that you take upon entering the Transformers Ride 3D which we previously featured. Going through its packaging he’s in robot mode on a red blister card which does not have any image except for the CG headshot on the lower left corner of the bubble which holds the figure on soft wires.

The left side of the bubble also features EVAC’s Technical Data which reads:

Strength 8
Intelligence 5
Speed 9
Endurance 4
Rank 5
Courage 9
Fireblast 5
Skill 8

The Toy Bio describes EVAC’s character:

EVAC is used to dodging laser fire. His entire life, Decepticons have gotten in his way, and tried to stop him. They’ve never succeeded. No matter how overwhelming their attack, EVAC knows that with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee covering him, nothing will stop him from delivering his passengers safely.”

It’s quite interesting how the description on EVAC’s bio explains how The Ride actually happens where you get to see the action up close. The experience of being sprayed by water or trying to dodge a heat seeking missile or being drop a hundred feet from the sky by Starscream as the wind blows your face pretty much sums up the experience.

But going back to the action figure just to let you know EVAC is entirely a retool of the deluxe class Dark of the Moon (DoTM) Roadbuster with a new head. The figure has articulation in the feet, one direction knee joint, and no way can you twist his fixed torso. The upper body is in great detail as he has articulated elbows and shoulders. The head has limited movement and the eyes are painted rather than have a light piping effect.

Unfortunately we don’t have side by side figure comparison with DoTM Roadbuster as we opened the figure right after purchasing it at the Supply Vault after experiencing the thrill of the actual ride.

Transformation is not complicated with a rating level of 3 and EVAC is mid-level challenge for kids and kids at heart. If you’re not used to the challenge of directly transforming the figure without the manual you have to consider checking it or you might damage the toy itself.

In vehicle mode EVAC looks dwarfed and compact compared to its predecessor and has four seats just like the one in the ride. The vehicle is colored in blue with design lines of lime green on both sides. The entire glass of the driver seat cannot be opened and it’s in dark tint color with the seat painted in black opaque plastic.

The vehicle mode looks sleek with those curvy lines and has four small headlights painted in yellow. The chrome wheels were done nicely though it does not roll properly in some flat surfaces as the clearance on the front wheels is too low. EVAC doesn’t convince anyone with his vehicle mode as his two feet kibble is revealed as the rear part of the car.

Overall rated as 3 out 5 robot points for this figure is a rare find not available outside Universal Studios besides being flipped on eBay for x amount of dollars which is retailed at $34.90 SG dollars. It’s not a perfect Transformer as it has flaws of its own.

You have to experience Transformers Ride 3D to fully and truly appreciate the action figure not just by acquiring it. But for those who have gotten this as a present it’s a hint for you to try and experience it for yourself. It’s something that would remind your experience taking this ride at Universal Studios is all worth the thrill of being a Transformers Fan.

EVAC is a Universal Studios Exclusive sold only in the Transformers Supply Vault located at the Sci Fi City and this was acquired upon experiencing Transformers The Ride 3D in Singapore.

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