Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Transformers The Ride 3D & Supply Vault at the Universal Studios Hollywood!

06.13.2012 – The Universal Studios Hollywood theme park has been around since 1964 and the place keeps evolving with its added attractions every year. It has expanded from having branches in Orlando Florida, Japan, and the newest one in Singapore which opened sometime in 2010 with the grand opening attracting visitors on May 28, 2011.

To this date it has been one of the well known theme parks to have a large following now that summer has begun in the United States. Recently Universal Studios Hollywood added an attraction for the Transformers Fan which is the The Ride 3D that first appeared in Singapore back in late 2011.

Besides the ride that recently opened they also have the Transformers Supply Vault store featuring Universal Studios Hollywood exclusively available merchandise and toys from Hasbro and our US based correspondent shares their adventures with us…

Clearly Universal Studios Hollywood has a treasure trove of must-want merchandise ranging from clothing, collectible trinkets and action figures only sold at the Transformers Supply Vault.

If you happen to plan in taking a vacation in the west coast the Universal Hollywood Studios must be on your to do list on your travel list not only to experience the awesome Transformers The Ride 3D but also to take home some souvenirs at the Transformers Supply Vault.

Universal Studios Hollywood is open daily just LIKE their Official Facebook page and for more details at:

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