Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore Feat. Transformers Supply Vault!

09.04.2012 – After you experience the thrill of Transformers The Ride: The Battle in 3D every Transfan would like to grab some merchandise preferably the exclusives at the Universal Studios Singapore. Early this year when Transformers Cyber Con was held at the Resorts World Sentosa they launched the sole exclusive product for this theme park.

It was the Voyager Class Optimus Prime with trailer from Dark of the Moon. What’s so special about this figure is that the trailer has markings and logo the Universal Studios Singapore.

The boxed edition is sold all over the shops for $179.90 Singapore Dollars. It’s quite a pricey exclusive for a premium edition that can be bought at the regular retail store minus the Universal Studios Singapore markings on the trailer. But the most anticipated exclusive that’s available in all the Universal Studios theme parks is the character from Transformers The Ride. It’s none other than EVAC which is a retool of the DoTM Deluxe Class Roadbuster but there’s more of that later.

We share you some images at the retail store tht you might find interesting enough wanting to visit this great theme park at the Resorts World Sentosa. If the ride itself won’t convince you check out these images right here…

The Transformers Supply Vault is located at the Sci-Fi City a section where Transformers The Ride is located and it where you can acquire the exclusives not found in other stores in the Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa!

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