Monday, September 3, 2012

Transformers The Ride at the Universal Studios Singapore!

09.03.2012 – Transformers: The Ride is one of the most anticipated attractions at the Universal Studios Singapore. If you plan to travel and visit Universal Studios this is the last ride you should take before heading home.

It’s similar to the previous Simpson’s: The Ride at the Universal Studios Hollywood.

But for any Transformers Fan this is the attraction you shall not miss and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the thrilling action.

The theme park first opened in Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa in December 2011. This was also heavily promoted during the Transformers Cyber Con in February 2012. Located at the Sci-Fi City section of the Universal Studios which features the Battlestar Galactica ride this huge section is mostly recreated to look like the Sector 7 Headquarters.

In this area you will see a yellow Chevrolet Camaro parked at the big doors that has the NEST and Sector 7 insignias. Obviously it’s a dead giveaway for you to expect Bumblebee guarding the big doors. A few meters from the Camaro is the life size EVAC in robot form kneeling for you to have a photo opportunity. The exclusive character from Transformers: The Ride has its eye light up and you have to stand in line to have your chance in having a photo of this Autobot.

Farther down Sci-Fi City there are souvenir stalls and you’ll get to see the Transformers Supply Vault where all the related merchandise is sold. Just like our US-based friends who shared their experience at the Universal Studios Hollywood last June 2012.

The next entrance besides the store is where you go to experience The Ride itself. There is a constant long maze before it takes you to the vehicle mode replica of EVAC, the new Autobot exclusively created for this ride. The maze is based from all three Transformers Movies. There are certain familiar artefacts that you may come across as you walk through the corridors. Fans and visitors get the chance to re-live the live action moments of the film.

The last part of the maze recreated the scene from Revenge of the Fallen where the All Spark Shard is on display. It doesn’t look exactly the one we see in the film and it’s more like a Styrofoam than an alien shard from a distant planet.

When you closely inch your way to the part you take the ride just stand in line for the experience but don’t forget to grab a pair of 3D glasses to experience the spectacular action. Of course by this part we were not allowed to take photos or even do video capture.

Then the fun begins as EVAC introduces himself to the Human Alliance team. The ride immediately opens the action and definitely you become part of the experience. All voice actors and their respective characters from the films returns. This is more than just a 4D ride as you get shaken up and get the feel of being blasted by Megatron. The heat from the missile, being drop 20 feet from above or being dragged by Starscream are one of those moments that you thought it was real.

Transformers The Ride: The Battle in 3D is definitely recommended for you to experience the thrill and the adventure which can only be seen at the Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa. Re-live the experience and definitely you won’t be disappointed.

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