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Titans Return | Wheelie

01.12.2017 – Wheelie is one of the characters introduced in “Transformers: The Movie” from 1986, which was sort of one of the minor low points of that memorable film after giving kids of this generation the Death of Optimus Prime.

This was also the time they introduced a slew of new characters in turn killing off the ones that fans have grown up to like which was also a travesty. Fast forward to the present Hasbro re-introduce some of those 1986 characters in Titans Return!

“Titans Returns” goes back to the Generation One toyline that inspired from the Headmasters in 1987 the following series after the 1986 animated film and third season following the original TV series. Some of these characters where re-introduced with tie-up from IDW Publishing’s comic book series as part of the “Prime Trilogy” that started with Combiner Wars.

Wheelie is re-introduced in the toyline as part of the “Titans Return” under the Legends Class assortment’s Wave 1. There have been several re-interpretation of Wheelie following the vintage version of that underwhelming minobot after his characterization in the animated film and the third season of the G1 series.

Wheeling and Dealing

The “Titans Return” Wheelie offer a new perspective on the character and entirely a new molding of the figure mostly inspired from the character design based in the movie and TV series. Packaged in blister card, that shows the character in robot mode with minimal description of him at the back.

Hasbro seemingly has changed the way they market the product unlike back in the day where they also include other characters that you hopefully collect in that wave. This was first addressed with the Star Wars figures from Rogue One having more multilingual information with fewer images of other characters from the same toyline.

The Boy Called Wheelie

Wheelie is considered a minobot along with Bumblebee and Brawn with a unique personality first appearing the 1986 film talking like a true blue alien who has an innocence of a child who speaks in rhymes. The figure similarly has been based on the design from the animation and in the card art and packaging his helemet is supposed to be in gray.

But in the actual product it comes in unpainted orange with that inaccuracy of how Hasbro has presented this figure. This like TAKARA’s variation that his colors are cartoon accurate, and both product doesn’t have his trademark slingshot thought can still hold a weapon through both of his fists that has 5mm hole. The Japanese version though includes a Goshooter Headmaster accessory.

Futuristic Boy in Wheels

The vehicle mode just like the original predecessor turns into a sci-fi type car, where the windows are tinted with color combinations of orange and yellow. Wheelie can accommodate one Titans Return minifigure as his passenger.

Though in-between transformation his joins tend to be loose and could not be aligned to proper vehicle form. But overall this vehicle mode is solid enough to have one Titans Return minifigure to enjoy the ride.

Overall Titans Return Wheelie is a must-have as it didn’t reach the display on Philippine retail, but this was acquired at Target in Australia on the pegs for $19.00 AUD or PhP 703.00 pesos. If this was widely available in the Philippines it will be retailed at PhP 599.75 pesos or $15.45 AUD.

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