Saturday, December 24, 2016

Legion Class | RID Fixit!

12.24.2016 – Fixit, one of the lead characters in the 2015 series “Robots in Disguise” which for some might mistake this Autobot as the former Gobots character named Scooter. But it doesn’t help that he’s one of those underrated Autobots that’s easily forgotten if you only knew Bumblebee and his “Bee Team.”

But then again you might think this is all a big joke that Fixit looks like some guy from an old 1980s cartoon that tried to unseat the “Transformers” back in the day. The action figure looks cool looking though for being in-scale with the other characters.

Released as part of the third wave of Legion Class assortment of figures for the “Robots in Disguise” toyline, Fixit certainly is a favorite for the younger audience than most to collectors. This assortment mostly the scaled down of the larger figures with the exception of Fixit, which can be the figure you needs among the Warrior Class assortment characters to recapturing the escaped Decepticons.

Size Doesn’t Fixit

Packaged in a small blister card with no description of the character other than that you can scan the faction symbol for the mobile app game, but other than that you get the smallest Autobot that acts as the controller for Bumblebee’s team.

Fixit’s face has a big smile that says “Have a Good One,” but when you look at it his expression is not as authentic as it looks. You may like the ball-joints that allow him to do some action pose, which ha nothing to do with his transformation in to his outwardly alternate mode.

Small Time Drill Tank

He transforms from a small type drill tank vehicle and it only requires a few steps as given in the back of its card. The drill tank doesn’t have the menacing look, but close enough to appreciate Fixit diminutive appearance.

There’s nothing else to look at Fixit when he’s in this form though the figure in either mode needs details like his wheels that includes the rear ones that act as his feet appears unpainted that definitely needs some.

Overall Fixit is one figure you may or may not consider getting. But personally for those who grew up with Challenge of the Gobots you might mistake him as Scooter. When you look closely Fixit is not the rambling Guardian, but then again you may want to have someone help you recapture those Decepticons.

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