Monday, December 12, 2016

Tiny Titans | Series 4 Surprises!

12.12.2016 – The “Tiny Titans” figurines made of soft plastic is part of a blind-bagged series released alongside Transformers Robots in Disguise. Most of the characters featured primarily are from the current animated series, but also have Generation One characters rendered in a big-headed, kinda-chunky-cute style.

The current blind bags that are now available are on its sixth series, but here are some of the fourth series reveals that you might find interesting. The trend of the blind bag figurines have taken over the Transformers brand and here’s a look…

Blind packs have become a popular theme among toy brands that most notable that Transformers has followed suit in promoting characters from the Transformers: Robots in Disguise introduced in 2015.

Primarily the characters featured for Tiny Titans where from Robots in Disguise, but it also includes some from Generation One. Oddly enough there where previous releases that let you have the chance to peek on every pack, which character you want to get as not most of them are well sculpted.

Clampdown (RiD)

Not the most interesting character in the bunch but his almost cartoon accurate sculpting is certainly an interesting find for most RiD fans who followed the series and how this Decepticon is known for.

Optimus Prime (RiD)

Who would not want to pass on the Autobot Leader in this series it’s quite surprising that this version of Prime is included in the line up. Though primary colored in red with less blue and not so much detail for those who collect any Transformer that has a last named Prime would be in the list to get.

Megatron (RiD)

The Decepticon Leader certainly is such a fine sculpted form in this figurine with all the right colors that made this one of the popular characters in the series. Megatron’s infamous mug is all over the design of this figure that screams “I want to have this!”

Roadbuster (G1)

Not the most interesting in the bunch with the oversized head concept seem inappropriate for this Autobot. Roadbuster looks like a robot from another Japanese anime that has been long forgotten, which is indeed adapted from Dorvack that was a series from the early 1980s.

Kickback (RiD)

This Insecticon is probably the best representation of Kickback with this pose that’s mostly out of this character that was introduced in the classic cartoon. Primarily painted in purple the head sculpt is most well detailed among the Tiny Titans in the fourth series that’s something to complete along with the other Insecticons.

Fracture (RiD)

Another RiD character that has great pose in action but less popularity when it comes to the representation of his appearance in figurine form. Entirely painted in purple the design seems to be less of a favorite for those who follow the series.

Overall the Tiny Titans fourth series is a mix bag like any blind packed line depends on the pose and how the sculpting is done on each character. But entirely for those who wish to be very selective about getting the best it’s certainly not a line for those who are not into completing the series.

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