Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Meal Spotlight: TF RiD Grimlock!

09.01.2015 – Grimlock is one of the iconic characters in Transformers culture. Well known in the Generation One as well as various incarnation of the character has appeared in other series. But they’re not all related unless you’re a character fan.

The latest iteration of the famous dinobot appears in the 2015 series “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” not to be mistaken from the Japanese produced series in 2001. This latest McDonald’s Happy Meal features the Robots in Disguise’s Grimlock!

Early this year McDonald’s introduced eight characters and that includes Grimlock in the US, but in the Philippines they only brought four of those that where originally available for the North American market.

From Former Decepticon to Dinobot

In the new series that follows the continuity of “Transformers: Prime,” Grimlock is introduced as one of the prisoners who escaped the doomed ship named Alchemor that crashed to Earth with Fixit.

With his renewed second chance at helping the Autobots recapture the escaped Decepticon convicts of that above mentioned ship, Grimlock certainly fits in the team as its brute strength. But with one small weakness with kittens doesn’t sound like tough for a robot that turns into a mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Meal Toy Difference

Let’s face it the actual toy looks better and you have to understand that you won’t get lumbering Grimlock the size of a Leader Class assortment figure that actually transforms from robot to alternate mode.

But you get decent a Grimlock that have a light-up gimmick and at the same time fires missiles. Due to that his head is fixed but his arms and legs are articulated. Not as big as you expect in a Happy Meal that would be bigger.

Overall Grimlock can be produced a little bit bigger than your standard Happy Meal figurine. This is what you’ll get for its lack of size, but has enough play value for the kid at heart out there who would imagine this mechanical dinosaur is big enough to step on the other Happy Meal toys at the same time fire missiles like a boss.

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