Saturday, August 22, 2015

Transformers #44: The Transgressors.

08.22.2015 – The comic books published by IDW telling their version regarding the world of Generation One Transformers are quite intriguing they’re as intense as let’s just say TV soap opera. Filipinos like the drama and the emotion that resonate what the real life happens everyday, which is why this series was something of a good read.

Though for those who just collect the toys based from these characters can rarely relate to it the fiction carries more weight than its plastic counterpart. Hasbro is not only intending to sell more toys it also wants you to appreciate the characters portrayed in fiction and that is why these comic books are well written not to forget the art that brings to it gives you an idea who these robots are.

The ‘Combiner Wars’ arc is not as impressive as the post-war, which the repercussions of finding these colonies and inviting them back to Cybertron seemed more interesting finding out how the characters are put into play.

They’re not just robots that turn into animals, vehicles or household appliances they are like people too that have their drama to deal with and that makes it interesting.

John Barber continues to weave his story that Andrew Griffith providing the visuals that they put up on a monthly basis. In issue #44 it opens up flash back between Tracks and Needlenose about their future endeavours that did not went through when the ‘Great War’ began that seemed like a family drama about two brothers.

Yes. They are brothers if you think about an Autobot and Decepticon being related its not specifically explained if they where actually biologically related, but you go back to the 2007 live action Transformers film that also happened with Optimus Prime and Megatron. Though not connected to this comic book just the relationship between Tracks and Needlenose was explained.

In this issue you get to see what’s left of the Decepticons and how they felt being ignored this includes some funny scenes when there’s a bar brawl waiting to happen.

You know it can be worse if those involve in a rumble inside a bar are robot changing into vehicles. Plus! You get to see Hasbro infuse marketing related to upcoming toys being seen in the comic books like Arcee’s ‘stealth mode’ that was a San Deigo Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive and you also see Starscream finds the conscience from a dead Autobot.

There’s still no sign of Prowl in sight that the local Cybertronian Authorities has put him on watchful eye for the public to report. There’s more drama waiting to happen as the series continue with some interesting twist and you it’s always the drama that makes this series as interesting as the real world happens.

Next time: Transformers #45!

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