Friday, December 25, 2015

Beast Megatron's Christmas Greeting!

12.25.2015 – If you’ve been a long time Transformers fan chances are you’ve seen every iteration of the franchise since 1984, which includes the Beast Wars era. If you’ve skip that and you’ll never know what really is to be a TransFan.

This Christmas the fans who have seen the entire run of Beast Wars would probably appreciate David Kaye’s gesture a greeting card to every Transformers fan all over the world as the spark behind Beast Megatron’s voice. Ah… Yes.

If you haven’t heard about David Kaye you might want to look back to the beloved characters he has voiced over the years. There are actually some notable ones that every Transformers fan would remember for most of his voice work. But one character sticks out to be as memorable as Peter Cullen’s iconic Optimus Prime in the Generation One series of cartoons and live action films.

That character is Beast Megatron from the Beast Wars series the leader of the Predacons with such chutzpah has become iconic as the series. But enough about the introduction as David Kaye leaves a gift for the fans of the series as the voice of Beast Megatron with his version of Nat King Cole’s “Chestnut Roasting in an Open Fire.”

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