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Generations: "Thrilling 30" Crosscut!

11.01.2014 – The Transformers toyline representing the modern G1 officially known as Generations continue to produce some of the best figures. Hasbro has continued to churn up some of the most sought after characters that some never makes it in toy shelves.

In the Philippines it has become difficult some of those second tier characters unless you know the next distribution will be released by Playkit (the country’s local distributor for most Hasbro products). But there are those who are relatively unknown that’s based from an original figure with minor retool like Crosscut not an original G1 character.

Crosscut is part of the tenth wave of 2012-onwards Generations Deluxe Class toys. For those who are unware of the character’s background he’s more than just another retool based from the Generations Skids that was released before him. If you’re a wide reader of the comic books that IDW has been publishing you might come across this Autobot. Though he shares the same body as Skids and Age of Extinction’s Rollbar he’s more decorated than those other two.

In previous publications that reveal Crosscut’s character, where in The Wings Universe a comic book released only if you’re a member of Fun Publication’s TF Collector’s Club has shown that he’s a an Elite Guard a member of the Recon Team. In the IDW published comic books he’s also a former Senator and into playwright.

But Crosscut was never part of the original Generation One release, but revealed to be a new character introduced to this series along with Road Rage (a red version of Tracks). The G1 version that released the figure along with Road Rage was part of the e-Hobby Exclusive giving both characters background as Autobot Ambassador with his trusty ‘female’ bodyguard/partner. In addition to being a former Elite Guard and Senator, Crosscut is fluent in over 230 Earth languages and 6300 alien languages.

If you only cared about ‘how cool’ Crosscut or have better colors than Rollbar and Skids then you must need to read about the character himself. What’s interesting is Hasbro and Takara Tomy acknowledged that he carries many weapons, which is appropriate that Skids body would eventually be similar to Crosscut with non-firing weapons (more on this) in the design.

Thrilling Thirty Themes

Crosscut is one of the few Deluxe Class toys that include a comic book, which features a variant cover by Phil Jimenez and Romulo Fajardo Jr. It appears to be a new comic book but underneath it’s actually an issue of The Transformers: Robots in Disguise #25 ‘Dark Cybertron Chapter 7’ – “The Dead Are Not Enough”

This started with the release of Generations toyline that comes with a comic book. But with regard to the Dark Cybertron storyline the first chapter is included with Armada Starscream (new sculpt). This is similar to what Hasbro did with their Marvel Universe comic-pack that have the original Secret Wars chapters reprinted individually.

The slight difference with the 2012-2013 release is that it has now a stamp that Transformers is celebrating 30 years thus making its known that this Generations toyline is now called “Thrilling 30” for the 2013-2014 release. But it’s still considered under the Generations series bringing back old characters re-introduced in the modern times.

Crosscut, the armed Autobot

This is Crosscut’s second iteration after the e-Hobby Exclusive that came with Road Rage. Just like Skids he comes with two weapons that can be combined together into a huge rifle. But unlike his G1 release he no longer comes with a scooter that can be stored at the back of the Honda City R.

The head design is based from the Pre-Transformers Diaclone version that was used also to the original Crosscut that Takara Tomy released in the early 2000s. But unlike Crosscut that was based from the vintage Skids this one is really armed to the teeth. Comparing Crosscut to TF Universe Silverstreak he has more silver than the aforementioned Autobot.

To differentiate the “Thrilling 30” Skids from Crosscut he has all the non-firing missile pods out from his shoulders. The built-in dual flip-out guns on his wrists should be open than what Skids is showing it closed. The other thing that’s improved with this figure is the leg assembly error that many Skids figures have been corrected for this release.

Hatchback Sports Coupe

Crosscut transforms into a contemporary-looking hatchback that takes some design cues from some real world car brands like Chevrolet and Subaru models. Though it appears Crosscut have an unofficial gimmick, which are the gullwing doors can be opened in vehicle mode.

There are modern G1 characters that can store their accessories underneath their vehicle mode. For Crosscut there’s a 5mm peg on both sides where you can attach his pistol and riffle for storage. It might not be as glamorous as what Silverstreak have, but it’s enough not to lose his accessories.

No doubt there’s no general rule in how Crosscut is measured when it comes to scale with the other Autobots. But it’s good enough that in vehicle mode Crosscut is wide to take much of the road. The side-by-side comparison with TF Universe Silverstreak sees Crosscut off scale, but in robot mode they’re just almost the same height.

Overall Crosscut is a fun figure with all those non-firing weapons, but not all is perfect you just have to pick and choose the best one out of the bunch on the toy shelves as this one had its imperfect Autobot symbol tampograph. But entirely this version stands out in between Skids and Rollbar.

Crosscut is part of the Generations: “Thrilling 30” toyline, which is retailed in the Philippines for PhP 849.75 pesos available at all leading toy stores nationwide.

4 Out of 5 Robot Points.

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