Sunday, November 2, 2014

All-Out War: Transformers Primacy # 3!

IT’S rare to see the Autobots and Decepticons depicted in a real knockdown throwdown, and that’s exactly what you get with “Transformers: Primacy” # 3, no more and no less. This penultimate issue in the four-issue mini-series brings the reader right into the middle of a massive Decepticon attack on the Autobot-controlled Cybertron.

Millions of years in the past, Trypticon has rocketed to the surface while Metroplex has risen to repel his attack. This issue is dominated by the blow-by-blow duel between the two TF city robots. It’s a fascinating panel-by-panel battle. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime is getting ready to insert Omega Supreme into the fray.

Omega admits something unexpected to Prime and Prime reacts to it. But Megatron is more cunning than Prime thinks—he has plans within plans, and those are revealed as the issue continues. The all-out attack by the Decepticons turns out to be as “all-out” as you imagine. All kinds of ‘Cons get into the action. The outnumbered Autobots must protect the city and so they make a stand. “Let Iacon burn,” Megatron growls. “Whatever unfolds, we must protect the city at all costs,” Prime answers. “We will hold the line!”

With the Decepticons seemingly on the cusp of a victory, something happens at the very end of the issue that concerns Megatron, somethinf hinted at in the previous issues, and it should concern everybody on Cybetron regardless of faction.

The “Autocracy/ Monstrosity” team of writers Chris Metzen and Flint Dille plot a furious, straightforward story with artist Livio Ramondelli delivering on what is really a battle to the death. Ramondelli’s art is still a bit murky for me, but I love the range of robots he’s drawing here. I particularly like his take on Omega Supreme, making the sentinel look as menacing as he should be. This issue is important in the sense that we now see what Megatron has been planning and all the elements from the previous issues make sense put together. The development at the end of the issue is a bit of a head-scratcher, but I think this is where “Primacy” really wanted to go. One more issue to go.

Next time: Transformers Robots in Disguse # 34!

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