Friday, August 8, 2014

Megatron Takes Over Universal Studios!

08.08.2014 – If you have been to Universal Studios the best place in this theme park is Transformers: The Ride and not all have one.

The experience in Singapore is much different from the one in Hollywood, but what’s interesting is The Ride certainly captures the imaginative concept of the live action films.

Of course there’s no story or plot that would disappoint you.

If you happen to be in one of the Universal Studios theme parks in the US probably you might encounter a certain Decepticon in one of them.

In Singapore you get to see a life size EVAC greeting you across the entrance to The Ride or a custom yellow with racing stripes of a Chevy Camaro parked nearby.

But this one’s different and it has been shared several times on Facebook by Chicago native Sherri Thompson Davis. She and her family went to one of the Universal Studios theme parks in the US a few days ago in Hollywood and had to give you the reason why YOU SHOULD go to this one.

Because there’s a not so giant Megatron but it sure did not scare the kid but continued to glance at the Decepticon leader who kept ranting in front of the crowd:

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