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HFTD Voyager Class: "Classic" Sea Spray!

08.21.2014 – Sea Spray is part of the “Hunt for the Decepticon” toy line that follows the “Revenge of the Fallen” series of action figures. But for those who are looking for a modern Generation One version they say this Sea Spray is the one you should be looking for.

It was released sometime in 2010 and later in the Philippines this figure ended up on clearance for more than half of its retail price point.

There has been little interest about the character being placed as part of the Movie 2’s expansion toy line but that’s being explained…

Back in Hasbro Q&A in Toyfair 2010 the design team has adamantly claimed that this Sea Spray is the modern reinterpretation for this G1 character an upgrade from its Classics-style appearance, which was previously a mini vehicle. Because the 2010 Transformers toy line was limited to Deluxe Class assortment of figures they included Sea Spray as a Voyager-sized toy and at the same time part of the “Classics” toy line (the torchbearer for what would be the Generations toy line).

But the bio on the box would explain that he’s part of the characters in Revenge of the Fallen, but Hasbro explains he did not appear in the film though they give you a choice to decide which universe you should place him.

With the conundrum and confusion of where to place this character in some honest opinion Sea Spray belongs to the Generation One continuity as an upgrade from his vintage appearance.

Sea Spray was released as part of the Voyager Class assortment along with “Battle Blades” Optimus Prime for the “Hunt for the Decepticons” micro-continuity expansion for Revenge of the Fallen in a window type packaging. Details of the character’s bio and tech specs can be found on the side of the box, while on the other side you’ll see an image of Voyager Class Stealth Autobot Ratchet.


The appearance and aesthetics of Sea Spray in robot mode is inspired from a diver complete with breather mask and “goggles” that has a light piping gimmick. The oxygen tanks on his back are part of the air cushion of his hovercraft mode. He also has fold-out flippers on his feet that take his design quite unique for an alien robot.

He has a 5mm posts on the underside of his arms where you can plug the harpoon pistols that comes with this figure that fires translucent blue harpoon that he can also hold on both hands. His shoulder has c-joints that are the silver rungs on his shoulder.

Transformation is not as complicated as you would think and for any transfan who has been up to challenge whenever opening a new figure doesn’t need an instruction manual for this. Unless you just need it as reference guide when if you get lost in the middle transforming it.


Sea Spray transforms into a transport hovercraft with wheels underneath. The rear deck (featuring a fold-down ramp) can carry most Scout class vehicles, though it is intended to be used with Breacher. The Deluxe Class Hailstorm also fits snugly. But there are also a few alternative Scout Class figures that can park at the rear deck.

But Legends Class Beachcomber would fit in nicely being deployed in the sand beaches for some exploration. The only part of Sea Spray that was short of the expectation is the ramp, that doesn’t extend to the ground. It’s basically designed for Breacher to be the one being in the transport for an armored carrier that’s not actually amphibious.

The hovercraft mode as a transport vehicle for other Transformers figures has enough play value, and its rare knowing Optimus Prime with his trailer or Ultra Magnus are the usual ones that carry other Autobots in their vehicle modes.

Sea Spray does have some cool factor in it aside from the details having translucent windows and his name showing both sides of the air cushion. The turbofans tilt in several angles with rotating blades in them (of course you need to manually do it as there’s no gimmick mechanism).

Overall Sea Spray is a must find though having a very short ramp in hovercraft mode that doesn’t hinder the play value of this toy. Every bit of his robot mode makes you want to bring him to the beach. The design and concept that was put into upgrading this character was well received. This figure’s mold was also used for Reveal the Shield Deep Dive and Shattered Glass Octopunch.

If you’re still confused where to place him either in the live action film series (due to his bio) or in Generation One (as explained in Toyfair 2010 during a Hasbro Q&A) it all depends on how you appreciate Sea Spray. But at the end of the day he’s an upgrade for the Generation One character that sounded like gurgling.

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