Thursday, July 29, 2010

HFTD Scout Class: Breacher!

When I bought this little dude in the store i kinda fell in love with him. 

From the Hunt For the Decepticons line of transformers toys comes this little dude named Breacher who transforms into a tiny blue APC:

Seriously, I know why i bought this, It's because he looks a little like Roller-- That little car thing that came with G1 Optimus Prime. A really pleasant surprise!

From now on you shall be Roller!

Vehicle-mode wise he's pretty good and detailed, with a lot of layered surfaces on him like hatches, windows, and panels he's pretty visually interesting. plus, turn him over and the robot is pretty well hidden in this mode. 

Transformation wise-- There's a lot of unfolding with this little guy, at first the transformation from bot to vehicle  will be frustrating with parts that only snap in place thanks to opposing push and pull forces coming from parts that don't seem to fit but actually have the right kind of elasticity to them to clip together. To put it into perspective, drop him from any height and he might split open like an egg... And that would take care of half the transformation you'd need to do to turn him into a robot.

Speaking of which he's a handsome robot, mostly blue with white parts to break the monotony what I love about him is he's more classic looking than movie influenced in this mode, most particularly on his face which i'll touch on later.

From the side he still looks a little solid, having a good amount of bulk in all the right places, but...

Look at him from the back and he seems to be missing a huge chunk of armor. It's honestly ugly in my opinion.

Going back to his whole "looks more classic" deal, it's most visible in the face. a clear, humanoid, anime-ish face with a nose a complete pair of eyes ans a scowling mouth. He reminds me of a certain Transformer but the name escapes me. 

When it comes to articulation he's a lot better off than most scouts, and even some deluxes. I'd swear he was meant for a bigger price point. And he comes with a weapon! Unlike other scouts from recent years.  

Has a nice solid center of gravity, though balance is still a little off in some places. But damn, he can pull off a pose! And his joints are tight, a little too tight even. I'm a little afraid too much strain on his joints could cause them to warp and tear off, as the joints are made from a softer ABS than the rest of the body.

Overall i'd give this figure a 8 out of 10 in regards to a scout class toy, surprisingly good figure and well worth the money I shelled out. 

--Eisen 2010

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