Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MP-21 Bumblebee Size Comparison Image!

03.25.2014 – Bumblebee is sort of a cultural icon on its own having been one of the main characters in the Transformers mythology. What makes him popular is his famous alternate vehicle mode THAT of a classic Volkswagen Beetle.

Throughout the years nobody expected that Transformers would have resurgence in new fan interest in the brand.

Recently Takara Tomy just caught everyone off guard and released what could be the official photo for the next Masterpiece that of Bumblebee.

Now it’s official that the first image of Bumblebee as part of the Masterpiece series is becoming close to reality. The image of this mini Autobot Spy turning into a classic Volkswagen Beetle is unreal, which stuff fans wanted and they will get it very soon.

Adding more heat to the flame is another revelation how big is Bumblebee next to another Masterpiece. There were question on his size and it has been answered in the form of a tweet by TakaraTomy's Shogo Hasui below…

Direct translation described by Hasui said: "MP prowl and Bumblebee MP arranged in robot mode (photo is a prototype under development) are not small not bumble! Cum in this MP Bumble is focused on in the movie robot size, than other"

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