Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sightings: Transformers Platinum Editions!

03.19.2014 – For those who are uninformed new Transformers toys are always available you just know where to look. Some might not have been aware that most toys can be found at Toy Kingdom and Toys R’Us in the Philippines.”

If you want to be the first to get your hands on toys related to Transformers Age of Extinction one toy has made it on retail. First Edition Optimus Prime is now available in Philippine market which is an Amazon Exclusive released in February 2014.

The others are Platinum Edition Supreme Starscream and G1 reissue Predacon combiner Predaking!

You’ll be surprised that some of these are currently on yellow tag meaning that they are being sold at discounted price. The eye catching among these premium figures is the Age of Extinction toy in Optimus Prime not transforming into a Western Star concept truck.

It was originally sold as an Amazon Exclusive, which can now be available in the Philippine market via Toy Kingdom retailed at PhP 3,999.75 pesos ($88.84 US dollars) in their flagship store in SM Megamall. The Platinum Edition Supreme Starscream is not exactly a new figure but a repaint/retool from the Transformers Cybertron Supreme Starscream now in his original G1 colors.

Supreme Starscream is a “Supreme Class” assortment figure originally released under the TF Cybertron/Galaxy Force, who became a giant in the series. He’s actually as big as Armada Unicron and Energon Omega Supreme.

Supreme Starscream is also part of the Thrilling 30 besides being sold in the Asian market retailed at PhP 4999.75 pesos ($111.05 US dollars). Originally it was first priced at PhP 6,000.00 pesos ($133.27 US dollars), but some reasons the local distributor have marked it with a yellow tag with its current retail price at PhP 4999.75 pesos ($111.05 US dollars).

Lastly the other premium Transformers product available at the Toy Kingdom flagship store is the Generation One reissue of Predaking as part of the “Thrilling 30” series under the Platinum Edition, which is similar to its 2010 release with a new redeco and other goodies including five sheets of labels also from the 2010 is included. Predaking is retailed originally at PhP 5,000.00 pesos ($111.06 US dollars), which is now marked down at PhP 4,499.75 pesos ($99.95 US dollars).

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