Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback: Fans Project's City Commander!

02.20.2014 – Six years ago Third Party add-ons was in its infancy and Fans Project recently released its second product which was the “City Commander” for the Voyager Class Ultra Magnus which was a Target exclusive with Skywarp.

The growing interest for the Third Party add-ons for the official Transformers product was about to start picking up with Fans Project whose first product was for the Classics Cliffjumper Conversion Kit since the original was an exact repaint of Bumblebee. Fans Project was one of those Third Party companies that changed the Transformers brand…

Ultra Magnus was a straight repaint of Voyager Class Classics Optimus Prime, which will be later on reissued for the Japanese market by Takara Tomy. But when it was first released it was paired with Classics Skywarp as a Target store exclusive.

When Ultra Magnus came out he never had his armor, and just like Classic Optimus Prime without his trailer Magnus was just another “white” Prime until Fans Project went above and beyond to elevate interest in the Transformers brand. The “City Commander” add-on is not just an immediate product that you’ll get at your toy store and when it first came out it was not target for the average Transfan.

You can only acquire one at your specialty store in the Philippines and it still available. Until now But the cost has doubled from its first pricing back in 2008. There was even a comic book included which is also the manual to give you directions how to attach “City Commander” for Ultra Magnus.

After its immediate success Fans Project released other variations of the trailer add-on for Classics Optimus Prime which resembles the Diaclone concept. There was even a trailer for Nemesis Prime when Hasbro released it for SDCC 2009.

There was also an add-on for the “City Commander” which makes the armor looked like part of Ultra Magnus. There was a various head and shoulder mounted cannons that were released to make it all complete. Fans Project kept on churning some more add-ons but what made them became popular was the “City Commander” set.

The Cliffjumper add-on was a limited release but the “City Commander” set was mass produced that everyone caught on its popularity. Today there are other competitors who also released add-ons to existing Transformers character. But Fans Project was one of those start ups that really pioneered in this kind of business. Now they are producing stand alone figures like the Springer inspired Warbot Commander in 2010 and their most recent is the Stunticons aka Casualty which is sold separately.

City Commander released in 2008 by Fans Project was originally retailed for PhP 2,800.00 pesos, which were sold at Great Toys during its debut. For more details about the City Commander and other products LIKE Fans Project on Facebook!

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