Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TFC-EX01: Classic Cliff Conversion Kit!

08.16.2011 - These days any Transfan who has bought every Transformers toy in existence has got the exclusives.

There are some would still be unsatisfied with the official releases, that there are others who take the hobby to the next level.

Most of them spend extra money to custom their toys that would mirror its cartoon or movie appearance. A few dared to repaint or “fix” their acquired collectible, but there others who would like to share their passion for creating add-ons that would make the character accurate.
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Sometime in early 2008 there where individuals collaborated to make a special add-on to a specific Transformer Character.

Cliffjumper came into the picture. When Hasbro released the Classics toyline a lot of fans were disappointed that Cliffjumper was a straight repaint of Bumblebee. There were no changes or minor retool in the figure, but it had a better repaint than Bee himself. An international Transformers online forum started collaboration between TF-Lab, HK-F, and TFClub (no relation to the official club) that would be called the “Classic Cliff” conversion kit.

This was released in limited quantities about 300 pieces only sold in Asia. Not an official product or sanctioned by Hasbro or Takara the fans clamored to get a hold of the released product. It was a renaissance ushering conversions kits and add-ons for future official released toys.

The first un-official add-on for a Transformer toy was not as high grade quality–wise. It was crude and a bit disappointing if you look back at its first release. Nobody cared as long as they acquired one to convert their basic repainted Cliffjumper figure into its cartoon accurate appearance

The price of the add-on kit was almost $100 and all 300 pieces was eaten up by the huge fandom that clamored to owning one. Certainly an interesting piece that started a revolution that popularized in making trailer armors for that lonely Walmart store exclusive Classics ultra Magnus. Another direct repaint from the Voyager Class Optimus Prime and it was a huge hit when that add-on came out.

Currently there are several groups who started producing add-ons and even actual transforming figures that weren’t produced by the official toy companies. The news is possibly these manufacturers of add-ons and special figures will be barred from selling the products to the Japanese market. In the end the winners here are the fans their very own consumer if that happens.

The good part of this add-on for Cliffjumper it distinct the character from Bumblebee and has new accessories like his Gas Glass Bazzoka and pistol that was seen in the very first episode of “More than Meets The Eye.”

There are minor differences in robot mode but when you look at the vehicle more they went all the way to have add-ons to make the alternate mode more personality. They added spoilers and bumper updates for the vehicle mode to define its distinction.

The not-so good part of this very first add-on was that you have to glue them to the figure not like just snap the head replacement and off you go. The vehicle mode’s physical appearance had a major facelift when you use adhesives to make the changes.

Overall it was good product but it depends now on who’s buying one or if there’s still available out there. For a serious hobbyist the cost won’t matter if it costs more than $100 US dollars. It’s a nice touch and homage to bringing Cliffjumper to his classic appearance but still it will cost you.

A special acknowledgement goes out to Dash Bonagua for lending us his figure for this feature.

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