Friday, February 28, 2014

ArtBoy Gallery: More Than Meets The Transformers Art!

02.26.2014 – Transformers is one of the most influential brands in the 1980s. Originally an action figure toy that turns of vehicles, walkmans, cassettes and event your toast a home appliance.

The mythology was built in the classic cartoons and the old Marvel comic books that are currently being published now by IDW...

The toys of course are celebrating 30 years and another live action film is on its way this June. It’s “More Than Meets the Eye” as its tag for these toys that originated from Japan that became an iconic brand in the pop culture. Some might think that Transformers are just the toys adults who grew up in the 1980s that are collecting them.

The brands influenced a lot of fans and for those who don’t actually collect the toys are inspired to show their appreciation through art.

A collective of street and graphic artists are set to show that being a passionate Transformers fan doesn’t need to brag that they have the toys they just simply appreciate it for being a fan and here are a preview…

If you happen to be Prahran in Victoria there is going to be Transformers themed art show happening on March 2, 2014 at the ArtBoy Gallery.

The teaser image (see above) features works from Jamie Schena, Andy Baker, Onno Knuvers, and Ben F Guy sharing his painting of a child sitting on a Tonka Truck wearing an Optimus Prime helmet.

More Than Meets The Eye: A Tribute Exhibition to Transformers will be launching on March 2, 2014 at the ArtBoy Gallery located at Prahran, Victoria in Australia. For more details about the exhibit LIKE ArtBoy Gallery on Facebook!

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