Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Start Them Young: Life Through Transformers!

02.18.2014 – In 2012 Ben Harpold joined the BotCon 2012 Film Fest, which featured his then 2 year old son Statler. The video shared on YouTube was the first place winner having a video of his son talking about Transformers.

The toddler starts with naming the characters accurately and shares his thoughts. Hasbro markets their toys to young kids and mostly they promote Bumblebee, but the little boy said his favorite is Optimus Prime since Bumblebee only turns into a car…

Ben Harpold directs the video featuring his son Statler educated in Transformers and not only that he gets to learn a few dinosaur species he also get to learn how to play the drums all that in this video…

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