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Generations (Asia Exclusive): Cliffjumper!

08.10.2013 – Cliffjumper is one tough Autobot who just doesn’t like traitors and even in his diminutive size he’s courageous enough to take on the biggest Decepticon. Carrying a weapon known as the “Glass Gas” (which embrittles metals on contact so that they shatter like glass).

He’s not immune to its effects but always have an alternative like bigger guns as seen in the classic series pilot “More Than Meets Eye”, and he’s not a calculating type when it comes to taking on the enemy. In the original vintage release he transforms into a Porsche 924 Turbo now he’s a muscle car.

There hasn’t much iteration of Cliffjumper over the years until Hasbro started with the Classics toy line, which introduced Rodimus, Starscream, Astrotrain, and Bumblebee. But the Cliffjumper released in the following wave is just a repaint of the Autobot mini spy.

There was one an earlier version released for the Generations toy line that reuses WFC (War For Cybertron) Bumblebee with a retooled head, but whenever you look at it that’s not Cliffjumper. But most would get this figure and transfer the head to the Classics version with minor retooling. But then again Hasbro would have something else in mind.

They would release another Cliffjumper figure in the Generations toy line, but this one was would reuse the Prime: First Edition Cliffjumper with a new G1-style head , replacing his red plastic and paint with a darker, metallic shade, and with lighter translucent blue plastic. This was exclusively released in China and other Hasbro Asia markets, which still appear in the US market by Toys R’ Us just in time for the 2012 holiday shopping season.

Just like the Generations release the packaging is still the same, but with minor difference with the language. Overall it’s still the same Generations card that some releases have the figures in robot or vehicle mode in some parts of Asia.


Cliffjumper transforms from a muscle car that crossbreeds the rear of a Plymouth Barracuda with the front of a Dodge Challenger. What’s so interesting about seeing a Cliffjumper not recycling Bumblebee’s alternate mode making him no longer just a repaint.

Since this is the same muscle car from the Transformers Prime series there’s not much to be said about Cliffjumper’s alternate mode. The details on the muscle car are a spot on specially the horns in the hood and the grills in front of the car. The tiny Autobot symbol can be seen on the left side of the car and there are some minor parts left unpainted but everything else is superb.

Comparing it to the Classics Cliffjumper in vehicle mode doesn’t seem into scale when you look at them together side by side. It makes the Classcs version a bit cartoony.

Transformation is not for the novice but the challenge is there and the instructions manual is just a reference guide if you get lost in the mid-change of the figure from vehicle to robot. You just have to be aware of the tabs and how the piece move together in making the transformation of the figure.


With a G1-style head this is the Cliffjumper to represent the modern Generation One character. He appears rather masculine and Hasbro made good on producing a new head. It features a light piping gimmick having a silver face and blue eyes this is the Autobot you’ll certainly to look for in toy shelves.

Just like the Transformers Prime figure there’s no need to go through the articulation and details of the entirely of the figure in robot mode. Comparisons with the Classics version in robot mode this Generations Cliffjumper is quite tall and ready to take down some Decepticons.

What Cliffjumper lacks in accessories he features flip-out triple-barreled blasters in each of his arms that can be swung out to replace his hands. This certain gimmick is also featured in the Scout Class Reveal the Shield Windcharger only the difference Cliffjumper carries blasters not magnetic devices.

Overall Generations Cliffjumper finally is not based from a Bumblebee figure and alternate mode, but rather using a Transformers Prime character of the same name.

The difference between the two is THIS Cliffjumper didn’t die in the original cartoon unlike the one from TF Prime that was voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. There’s no issue just that like its base figure its top heavy due to the bulk of Cliffjumper’s upper body.

But everything about this figure certainly makes it more interesting that its part of the Generations series with a modern twist.

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