Sunday, September 1, 2013

TF Generations Metroplex Variations!

09.01.2013 – It’s been months since reports of Titan Class Metroplex have resurfaced. There are comparable variations that have been discussed and most of the forums have shared some rare images of the pre-production releases.

The SDCC 2013 exclusive is nowhere to be found which considered “SOLD OUT” at and secondary markets are selling this like a gold mine. Retail in the US has reported sightings and in Asia there are other versions too.

So which one’s you definite Metroplex? Simple the Autobot City that carries TWO guns similar to its vintage edition that was released under the Encore toy line in 2008.

Metroplex a towering 2 feet robot as it blurts in the box beat the height of the then record holder in Fortress Maximus, which also had a limited reissue release under the Encore toy line this year. The Asian market is slowly catching up with its exclusive version, and it’s no big story that the Ani-Con & Games in Hong Kong last July has released its own version similar to the SDCC edition.

First sighted last month at Filbar’s comic shop going for PhP 14,000 pesos ($315.00 US) which after checking it a few weeks later that it was probably been bought already. The same ACGHK 2013 Edition was seen at Shoppesville earlier going for a thousand pesos more which was displayed together with the Hasbro retail version going for roughly at PhP 5,000 pesos ($112.00 US).

The retail version did not made it to the store display which was sold via “distribution only release**” (It means if you are registered in a group forums, that has tie-up with an exclusive partnership with local distributor namely Playkit. That’s where you can only acquire this and of course you have to be in “the list”).

But no matter there are options and one of them is the secondary markets that carry Metroplex, but of course with a hefty price tag you just need to fork it up rather than go through the local distributor via the group forums that handle the marketing for them.

Aside from the ACGHK 2013 exclusive this was also released recently at the Singapore, Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) through The Falcon’s Hanger for $250 SG ($198.30 US) that has similar paint details and contents that have with the SDCC release. But the similarities there differs from the ACGHK and STGCC release which some have already reported that the non-transforming figures that came with the set are colored in Silver and Gold versus Red and Purple.

Great Toys Online have the ACGHK 2013 Exclusive going for PhP 9,900.00 pesos ($222.77 US) which is quite a bargain but if you’re paying in cash you’ll get it at 10% percent off and it makes the Hasbro release rather less impressive.

Overall if you’re picking one up why not spend more for the Transformers Asia Exclusive release for now check out Rocky Sunico of Geeky Guide unboxing this gigantic beast HERE!

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