Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Transformers Regeneration One #90!

04.30.2013 – It goes down without saying that Transformers Regeneration One #90 has got a bundle of fun in one issue.

There’s drama, action and lots of explosions as well as revelations leading to the next story arc.

Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman has carve a big chunk of nostalgia that long time Marvel readers of the old title has certainly has settled in for the ride as “Natural Selections” has pretty much have on its plate with focus on Grimlock’s sacrifice.

Just like the previous issues it builds up to something big (even small) revelations that has given anticipation why this comic book has been followed by old and new readers who has supported the brand not only in the passion of collecting the toys but for what makes the characters likeable.

Hot Rod has finally shown has he has matured from the reckless cavalier to the making hard decisions about his future which gives you the reason why this character is different from the Rodimus Prime from season 3. His road to maturity is not an easy one being a temporary leader of the Autobots while Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime ventured back to Earth some issues ago.

Now Ultra Magnus and the rest of the crew of Valiant are coming back leaving Optimus Prime behind where he has his own story tracking down the Ark which has been activated. For some ancient Autobot ship that crash in a volcano and have seen it crash back in issue #79 this is quite absurd but science fiction rules the fact that they are made by alien robots that turns into anything they scanned to be.

Back on Cybertron tension is building up as Grimlock rallies the remaining unconverted Autobots in preventing Scorponok to succeed from his grandest plan in converting the remaining population into violent Decepticons. Of course there are a twist of surprise that was revealed in the scene.

The Dinobot Commander certainly learned his lessons as he makes a sacrifice leading to the next big story arc to end all that is the best Transformers comic book based from the original series run that was published by Marvel.

Overall Regeneration One #90 was like a roller coast full of action with explosions and heavy metal smack down any Transformers fan missing the old cartoon. But for those long time readers would definitely get a kick in this issue. But if you missed the entire run a collected graphic novel is about to be released soon collecting “Natual Selection” which certainly one of the best storylines to come reading again.

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