Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Toy Sightings: Beast Hunters, Bot Shots & More!

04.09.2013 – Transformers Prime keeps on rolling with new figures and expanding the playsets for Legends Class size assortments. The Bot Shots toy line is expanding bringing some of the iconic characters based from the Prime series.

These Bot Shots could have been greatly promoted on how it’s being played for the younger generation who are into table top games. It’s an impressive line more geared to those who are into fun and games. Transformers Prime expansion to Beast hunters has the latest Leader Class assortment featuring Predaking and a new version of Optimus Prime holding the Starsaber sword.

They are currently available now on retail a TRU and Toy Kingdom. Most of the interest now is the Generation toy line since it’s based on the original Generation One toys which were designed for the modern times which won’t have new figures until late in April 2013.

For now check out the images taken at Toys R’ Us which features new sets of Bot Shots and that attractive ship plus the Beast Hunters Leader Class Assortment!

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