Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Transformers Regeneration One #89!

04.16.2013 – Transformers Regeneration One #89 picks up and gives you three stories in one issue. The test of a young hero in Hot Rod, Grimlock’s rise and fall, Optimus Prime’s story on Earth what he should be doing instead of being plagued with doubt?

Every issue has been consistent link to the original Marvel publication that ended with issue #80 back in 1991. Simon Furman definitely puts some more back stories in making this issue and Andrew Wildman has done it again with art consistency from his original run back in the old issues.

Grimlock has made sacrifices and there are consequences for all that he has done just to bring back his beloved Dinobots. Those same teammates who hated him are going to make him a target regardless in trying to make peace with them.

In the middle of that obsession is Scorponok’s grand scheme of things is slowly moving forward with the creation of the gigantic gene key that would change everyone planet-wide once it’s finally built. Imagine all of the Autobots in the planet is turned into violent power hungry Decepticons?

Beneath the conflict from above is Hot Rod on a “Heroes Quest” facing decisions after encountering the Primus artifact that looked like a sword and the “Golden Disc” from the Beast Wars TV series. Our young cavalier must make the decision either “weapon” or “knowledge” which we find out a few pages to choose – Knowledge!

Then he goes off using the sword to distance him from the creatures that are guarding that place and the same ones who has chased him upon his arrival. The next thing you know revelations from early time what has become of these creatures.

There are a lot of art inconsistencies but let’s not nitpick each of them but regardless of that this issue has more to tell than just action with bashing robots and explosions. Back on Earth Optimus Prime was left and trying to get rid of Cybertronian technology with the Ark still stuck when it first crashed back in 1991. Prime is unaware there’s something happening behind the scenes like what Shockwave has done to himself in the pages of issue number #79.

There are three stories and a lot of conflict that brings interest these characters that certainly brings more anticipation in picking this comic book each month. With Grimlock’s struggle, Hot Rod’s come of age, and Prime’s uncertain future the stories are getting better a new issue is out.

Overall Transformers Regeneration One #89 is not all about action but substance in bringing these characters to life. If you’re a fan of the stories then this book will bring some interesting thoughts on how Simon Furman approach each one of them in distinct personality that gives this one of the best TF books right now.

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