Sunday, March 10, 2013

RtS: Battle in Space 2-Pack Edition!

03.10.2013 – There’s no need for introductions for this special two-pack which was from the Reveal the Shield sub-line of Generations released in 2010.

It’s a repaint and retooled figures that came from previous toy lines.

The “Battle in Space” which have Classics Rodimus and Universe Cyclonus with Targetmaster Nightstick that also includes the Matrix of Leadership based from NYE 2002 (New Year Special Convoy) is just another release similar to the “Challenge of Cybertron 3-Pack.

Both Rodimus and Cyclonus have shared countless repaints that was released as exclusives which makes these figures having different variations. So most of the images you’ll see are comparisons from the original Classic release and Takara Tomy’s “Henkei! Henkei!” series from Japan.

The contents of the two-pack includes a comic book which expands the scene when Kup and Rodimus came under fire from Cyclonus which looks very far from the one that came out to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Animated Movie in 2006. The Matrix of Leadership can’t be held by either action figures having closed fists. It doesn’t even have a chain that you can have them wear it similar to the G1 Galvatron reissue from 2005.

A closer look on Rodimus makes you wonder how many times they have used the mold and in its current state with regards to colors have been too far away to see the changes since the one from the two-pack is based from the comic book.

Cyclonus on the other hand had the best color combination from its predecessors in the Universe and Japanese release. Nightstick’s version had a better face paint complimenting the red eyes which definitely the clear winner in this set.

The Matrix of Leadership is the centerpiece of this 2-pack no doubt about it if you own a Generation 1 Optimus Prime or even an Ultra Magnus. This was made specifically for the vintage figure and it’s certainly fits Ultra Magnus to be the bearer even though the figure doesn’t have an open fist to hold it. But it’s good enough for the Autobot City Commander to carry it in his chest.

But in this case some lucky individuals get to have these for charity since who wants to have a pale looking Rodimus when the superior Classics release or even its Japanese counterpart had better colors than its current release.

Overall Cyclonus has better colors compared to his predecessors and these days when you look around specialty shops selling loose figures you tend to see countless Rodimus being left alone collecting dust as the “Battle in Space” has already been determined by its comparisons and who ends up in a collector’s shelf.

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