Saturday, January 12, 2013

TF Toy Sightings and New Releases!

01.12.2013 – Earlier today was Playkit’s first distribution of the new Voyager Class wave for Transformers Generations featuring characters from the hit videogame “Fall of Cybertron” as well as other assortments that came with this series.

There were other sightings of the new toys that include the US release Masterpiece Thundercracker which was a TRU exclusive as well as the new wave of Voyager Class figures from the Transformers Prime featuring Dark Energon version of Megatron and Optimus Prime.

The start of the New Year usher the latest toys from Hasbro and there's plenty more to come as we're just starting the month!

Toy Kingdom has the exclusive for the latest Transformers Generation series that has the anticipated Voyager Class assortment that includes Dinobot Commander Grimlock based from the hit videogame “Fall of Cybertron” which is getting rave reviews as well as fan interest with the release of the action figures. If you haven’t played the game or have seen the images of the well-loved Dinobot leader then this might be your chance to own one.

The other Autobot from the Voyager Class assortment is Blaster accompanied with his discs (each sold separately) but he doesn’t come alone as he is packaged with Steel Jaw. Each Voyager Class has a price point of PhP 1,499.75 pesos.

Of course the assortment for Blaster has to come with his discs that include a pair of each featuring Rewind and Sunder packaged together the same goes with Eject and Ramhorn where each price point is at PhP 699.75 pesos.

Masterpiece Thundercracker was released exclusively at selected Toys R’ Us stores being the latest high-end collectible action figure similar to Takara Tomy’s release in the previous year its price point at: PhP 4999.75 pesos.

Dark Energon Voyager Class assortment featuring Megatron and Optimus Prime was also released today at Toys R’ Us which carry a price point at PhP 1,499.75 each in their new colors based from the hit TV series being shown in North America.

All the new Transformers products are now available at you Toy Kingdom and Toys R’ Us stores just inquire directly with them for further details!

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