Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Transformers Regeneration One #87!

01.16.2013 – Transformers Regeneration One series continues with its second story arc which ended with “Loose Ends” that took a lot of well known characters to the scrap yard.

If you grew up aside from watching the Sunbow Animation that presented the Generation One series and have read the Marvel published series this is the continuation of their adventure.

Now on its second arc which begins with “Natural Selection” focus on the story of Grimlock who finally retained back his transforming abilities for a price of betrayal.

Tasking a look at Transformers Regeneration One #87 there’s a lot of scenes happening that carried over from the previous story arc in “Loose Ends” and if you’re a fan definitely you would scramble to catch up to start with “Natural Selection” beginning with issue number #86.

Transformers fans that grew up following Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman would definitely get a kick of nostalgia with the series that made the brand popular.

Evidently Natural Selection focus on Grimlock as well as what’s happening with remaining Autobots when Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus with the rest of the big hitter left for Earth to find out what really happened after 21 years of being Cybertron bound.

Grimlock has regained his transforming abilities from the previous issue for a price after he made a deal with the long thought dead Scorponok (who actually died in Marvel’s Transformers #75 battling Unicron). There’s so many thing happening and this issue carries momentum with lots of action.

Besides the arrival of Grimlock the story also gives spotlight on Hot Rod who was given temporary leadership by Optimus Prime when they left for Earth. The young cavalier just like his animated counterpart from the 1987 season 3 episodes had a lot of doubt about becoming like Prime but has more focused than the Rodimus Prime that everyone knew from the cartoon series.

There are sinister things happening back on Earth after Megatron’s demise Galvatron comes back literally from the ice of Canada as he plots once again. Just like Scorponk this maniacal Decepticon City Commander was supposed to be dead after being beat to a pulped by Fortress Maximus in Transformers #89 by Marvel.

This time the players for the second round of Generation One stories that continued form Marvel’s original run has been introduced as “Natural Selection” part 2 hold its ground gives you something to feel nostalgic old school once again.

Overall Transformers Regeneration One #87 get things underway in bringing balance to the story with a lot of action plus intrigue that makes you want to read about more of the characters than just being a toy collector.

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