Sunday, September 2, 2012

Transformers Toy Sightings at Great World City Mall!

09.02.2012 – We rarely have toy sightings as the usual Transformers Prime and Fall of Cybertron has been fully stocked at some major toy stores at Toy Kingdom and Toys R’ Us.

It’s hard to find the one per case characters as they always ended up in third party stores.

World Great City Mall in Singapore has three mini stores that have interesting finds and one of them is Gifts Greetings which is located at the second level near the escalators.

Interesting Transformers toys where sighted Sunday afternoon as TF Prime, Fall of Cybertron, and DoTM being sold at this store. If you happen to be in Singapore the World Great City Mall has the Gifts Greetings and these are the stuff we sighted…

Gifts Greetings has three branches all over Singapore, the other two branches are located at the Tanglin Mall and nex. Unfortunately Gift Greetings is not active in the social media not have Facebook or Twitter you just have to take a cab and visit one of these branches.

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