Saturday, September 1, 2012

STGCC 2012: Transformers & Exclusives at U-Toys!

09.01.2012 – The Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention opened its doors to the public and we headed to the U-Toys booth which featured the latest Transformers toys released by Hasbro and Takara. There are also the third party add-ons and figures released on display.

U-Toys are one of the local retailers in Singapore catering to the toy collecting community. Most of the featured toys on sale are from the Transformers franchise. They also have exclusive releases on display that you may not find anywhere.

The attraction that would catch everyone’s eye is the Hercules (Devastator) third party set exclusive that is massively huge that is enclosed in the glass display. This figure was sold as a set at the U-Toys Booth near the gigantic Hot Toys exhibit that’s dwarfing other exhibitors in the area. You won’t miss this as the other side of their booth featured some of the 1/6th scale military action figures and their vehicles.

But we were not able to capture those images mostly focused on the Transformers and other related products being sold in their booth area which also had some classic vintage Super Robots for you to check it out.

We got the exclusive images for you to check it out on the first day of STGCC 2012 featuring U-Toys booth display and some interesting ladies at the Frank OCBC booth…

U-Toys are one of the local retailers based in Singapore providing you some the best and rare collectibles ever released. For more details about what they have add them on Facebook!

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