Friday, June 15, 2012

Transformers Bot Shots: Jetfire!

06.15.2012 – The Bot Shots action figure-based game with an auto-transforming mechanism as one of the product’s gimmick is getting quite an attention in North America. So far we have not seen these products on Philippine toy shelves.

With the simple rule of “rock, paper, and scissors” game platform makes these super-deformed versions of your favorite Transformers characters definitely will surely hit up with the younger generations who have started interest when the first live action movie became a blockbuster hit in 2007.

In this review our fellow Transfan Mach Diesel of SMUToys shares his personal insights and giving you the basic idea how the toy and its gimmick works. This also features Jetfire who was released under the third wave of Bot Shots assortment.

Bot Shots is not yet available in Philippine retail but for those based in North America they are priced at about $3.99-$4.99 US dollars each.

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